Mahriah Zimmerman
In conversation with Founder and Educator at Hush Tan

Balancing mental health and running a business

5.45 am
It’s time to get up. I kiss my three year old  son on the cheeks and proceed to check the Genbook app before the stock market opens up. It’s been a habit of mine for a long time.

10.00 am
It's the start of the work day and I glance at my week’s schedule once again and then jump on to review resumes for a new position we’re hiring for. Genbook allows me to have a daily routine!

Genbook helps small businesses stay on top of their schedule. Everyday.

12.00 pm
I have a quick chat with my team and finalize a few pending things that need attention. Genbook really helps me with my business and personal organization.

1.00 pm
My first client walks in for her scheduled tan appointment (back-to-back sprays). Thank goodness for split bookings, I can squeeze in new clients during breaks!

Genbook offers split bookings so you can make the best use of down-time!

5.00 pm
I’m notified of a new review! Reviews have helped me grow my business immensely.

10.00 pm
I grab a quick bite and call it a day. I’m tired but happy. Making people feel beautiful everyday brings me great purpose!

2.00 am
I take a couple of hours before bed for personal organization, planning my next day to avoid anxiety. One final look at the Genbook calendar and I can now hit the bed!

Stay organized without being overwhelmed!

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