Marci Delaney
In conversation with spa entrepreneur from Spa 131

Manage your business from the palm of your  hands

6.00 am
My morning ritual is sacred to me, before diving into work I get a big cup of tea to wake up my mind and body.

8.00 am
I love that I have access to my Genbook calendar from my mobile, and can keep an eye on my appointments, whether I’m out or with clients.

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11.00 am
I’m drafting an email using the Smart Marketing feature to send an email to my clients who came to Spa 131 for a facial last month.

3.00 pm
I had an influx of local clients come in for my couples spa treatment deal a while back. I send them a targeted email with my latest special to entice them to come back again this year.

Genbook’s smart marketing feature makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your clients.

6.00 pm
It’s been a busy day of appointments so I block off a half-hour on my Genbook calendar to refresh my mind.

8.00 pm
I get home and just before putting my feet up, I check Genbook to prep for tomorrow’s clients, knowing they’re working behind the scenes to maximize my day.

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