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12 Powerful Features That Maximize Client Bookings: How To Set up A Client Scheduling Webpage That Attracts And Converts

A scheduling website or customer booking app is one of the most important tools you can have as a service provider. A good online booking page doesn't just facilitate the scheduling process, it can also serve as a marketing, branding, and communications tool that can help you increase bookings, sales, and customer satisfaction.

What is a client website or booking page?

A client website or booking page is a digital portal that enables your clients to view your offerings and schedule appointments with you or your team. It can come in the form of a webpage or a mobile app. 

Think of your scheduling website or booking app as an assistant who manages your appointments. Just like how a real-life assistant or receptionist would inform clients about your services and availability, your online booking page can do the same thing — but more efficiently and at a lower cost. 

So whether you're an esthetician looking to set up a fabulous salon scheduling page or you're a massage therapist who wants to showcase your offerings with a spa booking website, finding the right solution is key.

Why it's important that your client scheduling website is updated from day one

Having a well-designed client scheduling website from the get-go sets up your business for success in the following ways:

You'll drive more bookings

An online booking portal or client scheduling app enables your customers to schedule appointments 24/7. There's no need to play phone tag or wait until business hours to book a service; clients can access your scheduling page from anywhere, and they can book appointments with just a few clicks. 

That level of convenience and flexibility opens up booking opportunities and leads to more business. 

Improved communication

Your booking page can communicate your policies to keep you and your clients on the same page. Plus, if you're using an advanced scheduling solution, your system can automatically send reminders and notifications to ensure that your clients don't miss their appointments.

Avoid scheduling mishaps

A good scheduling webpage works automatically and doesn't make mistakes, which means you can avoid double-bookings and miscommunication. Depending on how the page is set up, the portal can even take payments or deposits, so you get paid without a hitch.

You'll get more important stuff done

A client booking page streamlines your scheduling workflows. It reduces the time required to do admin, enabling you to focus on high-level tasks, such as serving your clients, leading your team, and growing your business.

Higher client satisfaction

Clients prefer to book online. The majority of consumers (53.7% according to our research) consider online booking as an important factor when choosing service providers. It's easy to see why people love online booking: it's fast, secure, and convenient. Having a web scheduling page lets you put your best foot forward and create a good client experience even before they walk through your doors.

The Top Features to Look for When Updating Your Client Scheduling Webpage

12 handy capabilities for spas, salons, barbershops, and other small businesses
Not all scheduling pages or apps are created equal. If you're shopping around for an online appointment and booking software, make sure that the in-built client scheduling page offers the following components and capabilities.

1. Logo and header image

Make sure your booking page allows you to upload a logo and header image, so you can show off your brand. This is particularly important for beauty and wellness businesses, where image and appearance matter a great deal. If you're designing a barbershop booking page or salon scheduling website, your portal needs to look sharp in order for people to trust you with their hair. . 

In Genbook, you can add your logo and header on the Settings page. We can even give you free designs or assistance!

2. Business name and address

Your business name and address are vital details, so they should be prominently displayed on your scheduling webpage. You can easily do this by configuring your location details.

3. Service categories

A good feature to have is the ability to add key business categories (e.g., Hair Salons, Barbers, Spas, etc.) to your scheduling and booking page. This helps you get found on Google. It's easy to do this on the Genbook app, where you can choose a primary search category, plus two more additional categories for your biz.

4. Star ratings and reviews

Social proof in the form of trust badges, star-ratings, and reviews help convert "lookers" into "bookers" (and ultimately paying clients). So, choose a booking page provider that lets you prominently show off your star ratings and reviews. With Genbook, doing that is a breeze, and we make it simple to collect, publish, and share client reviews.

5. Waitlist

A waitlist keeps your calendar booked and ensures that clients don't miss the chance to schedule an appointment in case a slot opens up. That's why it's handy to have a scheduling tool with waitlisting capabilities. On Genbook, creating and managing your waitlist takes just a few minutes.

6. Announcements

Do you have important news, updates, or policies that you don't want clients to miss? Having an "Announcements" section on your booking page ensures that people are in the loop with any essential info about your business. On Genbook, you can quickly post Announcements by configuring the feature on the Settings page.

7. Contact Details

Let people know how to get in touch by adding a "Contact" tab on your booking page, where you can list your phone number, website, and more. On Genbook, you can add contact information under the business profile on the Settings page.

8. Next available date

Your booking portal should automatically display the earliest available date and time when clients can schedule an appointment. That way, they won't have to waste time going through unavailable slots. Check out Genbook's calendar-friendly features to learn how you can configure your page.

9. PCI payment compliance

If you're taking payments through your booking website (and you totally should), keep your clients' data secure by using a PCI-compliant solution. Genbook has partnered with the best payment processors — including Square and Stripe — so you can get paid easily and securely.

10. Confirmations

When clients schedule an appointment, seal the deal by sending them a confirmation message that contains the details of their booking, along with reminders and other important details. With Genbook, you can send automatic confirmation messages and even include attachments to share additional info such as detailed business policies, parking instructions, etc.

11. Last Minute Discounts

Got a last-minute opening? Encourage people to book with a promotion or offer. It's easy to do this on Genbook. You can add and set discounts on the "POS" section of the app.

12. Gift certificates

Gift certificates are a great revenue-generating tool. They allow your clients to purchase them as gifts to their friends (or themselves) and you get paid upfront. Genbook makes enabling, selling, and redeeming gift cards quick and simple. Just turn on the setting for Gift Certificates and go from there.

Your salon, barbershop, or spa deserves the best online scheduling page

First impressions last, especially in the realm of salons, barbershops, and spas. Your scheduling website or customer booking app plays a major role in creating a strong brand perception with your clients. Don't miss your chance to wow them.

If you're looking for booking page examples or a scheduling website template to inspire your efforts, take a tour of the Genbook Scheduling Webpage. It takes just a few minutes and you'll see what a superb business page looks like in action!
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