Julia Pendleton
In conversation with hair extensions entrepreneur of Sewin Queens

Protect your business by taking deposits

5.00 am - 6.00 am
My toddlers are early risers so I wake up when they do and make breakfast for my family. They are my purpose, each and every day.

8.00 am
I rely on my Genbook calendar every morning like I have for the past 10 years, to tell me what my day looks like. Today looks like a busy day ahead with 2 sew ins and 1 take down booked in.

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11.00 am
I do a little email marketing in between my appointments. I send out the best deals to my best clients, they will get a very nice surprise in their inbox today!

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1.30 pm
A client missed her sew in appointment, this almost never happens, as all my clients pay a deposit when they make the booking. I do hope she’s okay and will rebook at a later date.

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5.00 pm
Just finished a client's sew in and she was so impressed. I know she will leave me a 5-star review, when the Genbook review request email comes through. I'm about to hit 555 5-star reviews!

Genbook automatically collects reviews for you, and they are visible on Google search.

9.00 pm
I take a moment to reflect, and stay positive through ups and downs, giving gratitude to my family and my clients. Time to head to bed as I’ll need energy to tackle another busy day tomorrow.

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