Genbook reveals top online client booking sources for service-based small businesses in 2020

April, 7 2020

Los Angeles, USA – Genbook, the leading online solution for small business entrepreneurs in hair, beauty and wellness, has revealed the top 6 online booking sources in 2020. The annual list is based on the total number of bookings facilitated by Genbook, for the company’s growing customer base.

“This list is as a result of the rise in online bookings we have seen over the years. In this last year alone we have seen over 55% of all bookings being done online,” says Philipp Liver, CEO of Genbook.

“Around 13 million bookings worth US$780 million in booking revenue has passed through Genbook’s technology over the past year. This has been via Genbook’s customers’ scheduling web pages, which are easily integrated with Google, Facebook, Instagram and more.”

Speaking on the third-party sources featured in the list, Mr Liver adds, “With the proliferating channels of online it is easy to forget the role each individual source plays in the decision-making and booking process of today’s client. Genbook’s list of the top 6 client booking sources highlights these roles in enabling entrepreneurs to increase their reach and conversions online – and to optimize all of their service availability at any given time through these booking sources.”

The top 6 online client booking sources are:

  1. Small Business Websites
  2. Brand Direct
  3. Google (Organic)
  4. Instagram
  5. Facebook
  6. Genbook Directory

Download the infographic here.

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Genbook's simple and affordable cloud-based scheduling solution is everything small business entrepreneurs need to help organise and manage their grooming or wellness business. Genbook takes care of online distractions, allowing entrepreneurs to focus their efforts on what they value most — building a better business experience.

Since 2006, Genbook has helped over 22,000 small businesses in the personal service, grooming and wellness industry bring joy to their clients.

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