Genbook Announces the Excellence in Experience Awards to Recognize the Top Hair, Beauty, Wellness and Personal Service Providers in 2020

21 September 2020

Genbook Announces the Excellence in Experience Awards

Genbook, the leading cloud-based software solution for service-based businesses, today announced the launch of the Excellence in Experience Awards, an initiative that recognizes the most highly-rated service providers in the hair, beauty, wellness and personal-services industries.

The award will be presented to service based businesses who have received the highest reviews and ratings by clients from October 01, 2019 to October 30, 2020. Genbook collects more than 16,000 verified client reviews per month for entrepreneurs in the hair, beauty, wellness, and personal services industries. With the Excellence in Experience Awards, the company intends to put the spotlight on service providers who consistently offer 5-star experiences.

The 2020 winners will be announced on November 9th, 2020, and they will be presented with an official certificate and trophy that they can proudly display on their website and premises.

Putting the spotlight on Genbook’s most highly-rated service providers

“Genbook is used by some of the most hardworking and passionate service providers out there, and it’s about time they’re given the recognition they deserve for the service excellence that they ensure every single day,” says Philipp Liver, CEO of Genbook.

Liver added that Genbookers are looking for more ways to share their reviews and level of service with others.

“The reviews functionality is one of the most loved features of Genbook. The entrepreneurs using our platform are proud of their reviews, the experience they provide, and they want more opportunities to showcase them,” he explained.

“With the Genbook Certificate of Excellence in Experience, we’re giving them the chance to do just that.”

Based on authentic reviews from actual clients

To determine the recipients of Genbook’s Excellence in Experience Award 2020, the company will analyze the millions of verified reviews on its platform. Genbook only collects reviews from verified clients after a service is completed, so the public can rest easy knowing that the award is legitimate.

“Our methodology for determining the awardees is simple but reliable,” says Liver. “Genbook only collects feedback from clients who’ve actually been to the business, and this ensures the authenticity of the ratings and reviews.”

Genbook’s Excellence in Experience Awards further cements the company’s mission to remove distractions and enable service providers to provide amazing business experiences.

“At Genbook, we know that experience is everything. This initiative will not only recognize the Genbookers who are doing well, but it will also inspire other service providers — and hopefully the hair, beauty, wellness and personal services industry as a whole — to continuously elevate the experience they build, for themselves and for their clients,” remarked Liver.

“When entrepreneurs are relieved of unnecessary distractions, they are constantly bringing their A-game and delighting their clients, so everyone wins.”

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