Styles by Nuk

Navigating the daily hustle as a salon owner

In conversation with salon entrepreneur


Morning is a quiet time for me and I kick start it with coffee and a prayer. It's the time for me to refresh myself it’s almost like a mini-meditation where I get to set my intentions for the day.


As I’m driving to the salon, I ask Siri what my day looks like when my team’s and my first appointment starts, so I map out my day and mentally prepare.

Genbook can sync with your personal calendars like iCal


Each morning I walk into Salon 215 Elite, I’m honored to say “good morning” to the women I have employed. The first thing I do is open Instagram and respond to the amazing people on #Nuknation. 


I’m then ready to hustle!
I log into my Shopify store to review sales for Ecyaj Hair Care and fire up my Genbook to see my bookings come in. 


A loyal client calls in sick and has to cancel her appointment at 1 pm today. It's the new normal and we take everyone's safety seriously.

I'm not as fazed because as soon as I cancel her appointment, that time slot is quickly picked up by someone on my Genbook Waitlist.

Waitlist minimizes your lost revenue when cancellations occur


Today I had to get out of the salon a little earlier as my daughter has a photo shoot for her brand, Queen Cosmetics. 

It’s nice to have total control of my calendar and the flexibility to block off time when I need it. Thanks to Genbook I can do it with ease and sync them automatically across all my channels.


I'm home but there’s a lot to do. It’s the time I devote to the emails—interacting with clients and thanking them for trusting me. Communicating regularly with my clients is SUPER important to me.

Send personalized emails to your clients from your Genbook app.


Ready to switch off for the day but my brain says no! So I fire up Insta to check on #nuktribe. Today the student became the teacher, I learned from them how to take bookings on Instagram!

Take bookings via Instagram, Facebook, and Google


The lights are finally off, and I’m going to sleep knowing it’ll be another full day at the salon tomorrow.

Want a day that’s as fulfilling as mine?

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