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Get instant access into the average pricing of appointments, average annual revenue, and average booking value of thousands of barbershops, salons, spas, and more across the US.

Backed by data of over 13 million hair, beauty, and wellness appointment bookings, Genbook's Pricing Insights tool can give you the insight and confidence to boost revenue for your business with ease.

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Did you know that 18% of small businesses fail due to pricing & cost issues? Benchmark your pricing and have the confidence to make pricing decisions with this online tool.

Estimate your earnings

Use the tool to benchmark your revenue with the average revenue from businesses like yours. You may find that there's an opportunity for a pricing increase, or an opportunity to create demand.

Benchmark your pricing

Estimate what's the least that you could charge for a service, and the most you could charge by comparing low and high average booking values for your own service menu.

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Set your prices confidently, backed with data

Get pricing insights from 22,000+ hair, beauty, and wellness businesses in the USA.

Larisa Love Salon

Pricing can make all the difference, but it's a challenge when you don't know if you're pricing too high or too low. This tool from Genbook is based on real-data so it gives you the confidence and next steps to improve!

Larisa Love

Larisa Love Salon | @larissadoll