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7.30 am
I start my day by making breakfast for my kids and getting them ready for school. I keep my work and my phone away from the breakfast table so I can focus on family.

9.00 am
I’m excited to see my awesome team at  Beauty Skin Lab. That’s where the magic happens! 

10.30 am
The morning is rushed and I have to focus on a lot of things. Thankfully Genbook app notifications keep me notified of my bookings so I’m well prepared.

Most entrepreneurs use Genbook as their daily schedule

1.00 pm
I did a wonderful lash lift session for a client. It makes me super happy to see them content with the service and offer positive reviews.

3.30 pm
A new client shows up for her first ever microblading. She re-assures me she has paused all her acne treatment a week prior, as instructed by my booking page.

Genbook offer 24*7 bookings so clients can book any time.

6.00 pm
I’m taking a vacation tomorrow and it couldn’t have been easier to fit in with appointments. I blocked off my availability on my Genbook app, so I can enjoy family time.

9.30 pm
I’m packing for our big family road trip tomorrow. Being away from my business has never felt so freeing, I don't miss a thing with Genbook in my pocket.

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