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Online Booking Habits of Hair and Beauty Consumers Revealed!

A fully-booked calendar is every hair and beauty entrepreneur’s dream. But most business entrepreneurs aren’t sure on how to achieve this goal.

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Get access to our easy to understand, insights driven report and tap on opportunities that you’ve been missing out on— drawn from a survey of over a million hair and beauty clients in 2021.

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“Love these online booking habits stats from Genbook. Always great to know more about clients and what they expect from us entrepreneurs. Guess one never stops learning! Looking forward to applying these stats to my business.”
Online Booking habits: Quote Armond Jacobs

Get insights into the booking habits of over a million hair and beauty consumers


Wouldn’t it be great if someone finally cleared the air and told you exactly what matters to your clients when they book your hair or beauty business online?

See what your clients’ booking habits are, minus the stress of not knowing what works! Adapt your strategy to suit.

What’s Inside?

  • Learnings on what resonates with your clients
  • Insights on how your business stacks up
  • Data on what’s important to them and what’s not

Up your online booking game (and your results!) with these insights

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Online Booking habits: Quote Armond Jacobs