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  • Food Allergy Test ($350.00)
    This is an Allergy Test that tests for 96 common foods in your diet. The test is quick and painless with just a prick of a needle on your finger. You can also check your health insurance if you're covered for "Blood Tests" or "Lab Tests".
  • Celiac Test ($250.00)
    The Celiac Panel measures gliadin IgA and gliadin IgG, which are highly sensitive, and anti-tissue transglutaminase IgA, which is highly specific for Celiac disease.
  • Female Salivary Hormone Test ($300.00)
    For female patients, this test will evaluate if your estrogen, progesterone, DHEAS, testosterone, and cortisol levels are in adequate normal ranges. Knowing what your hormone levels are will provide a pathway for treating hormone-related symptoms.
  • Male Salivary Hormone Test ($300.00)
    This test measures cortisol, DHEAS, estradiol, and testosterone in saliva. It provides valuable information on the interaction between these four major hormones. Custom interpretation will be provided to explain for current male symptoms.
  • Adrenal Cortisol Panel ($300.00)
    Salivary cortisol is a very sensitive measure of response to stress. Chronic stress may lead to depressed cortisol production and adrenal exhaustion. This measures four cortisols throughout the day, as well as morning DHEAS. 4 tubes of saliva needed
  • Hair Mineral-Toxin Analysis ($175.00)
    This test requires a small sample of your hair. It tests for levels of 22 toxic heavy metals such as mercurcy, aluminum, arsenic, and lead. It also tests for 23 essential minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium and magnesium.
  • Vitamin D Analysis ($80.00)
    This test requires a quick prick of your finger to obtain a few drops of blood. It is then sent for analysis to determine Vitamin D levels in your body.
  • Omega Fatty Acid Profile ($250.00)
    This test measures the types and amounts of various fatty acids from a convenient dried blood spot via a prick of a finger. Measurements include Omega-3, Omega-6, mono-unsaturated, saturated & trans fatty acids, and inflammatory marker AA:EPA ratio.
  • In-Office Urine Analysis ($40.00)
    This is a quick dip stick test that tests for presence of glucose, protein, bilirubin, ketones, leukocytes and blood in the urine. It also tests for pH levels so you know if you're acidic or alkaline, hence allowing you to make changes to your diet.
  • Lab Test Results Review ($40.00)

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Great service

Rondelle Newell - Feb 18, 2018

Lovely atmosphere and quick appointment no waiting. Very friendly staff. Great location and very relaxing!

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