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  • Virgin Relaxer ($100.00)
    Hair is chemically processed from the root to the ends of the hair with a cream relaxer to break down the natural bonds from curly to straight. The hair is shampooed, conditioned and styled to the desired look. Trim is included.
  • Touch-Up Relaxer ($75.00)
    Hair is chemcally processed at the root to straightened only the new growth of the hair. Then hair is then shampooed, conditioned and styled to the desired look. Trim is recommended as an added service.
  • Highlights ($75.00)
    Hair will be sectioned with professional foil and color will be applied to the foiled sections to lighten the hair from its current shade to a lighter shade. Afterwards the hair will be shampooed with a conditioning shampoo, conditioned and styled.
  • Lowlights ($65.00)
    The hair will be sectioned with professional foil and colored to add a darker hue of color to the hair, normally the color will slightly be lighter than the natural color but will add a more natural combination of light and dark hair.
  • Full Color / Permanent ($75.00)
    Permanent hair color is applied to the hair for deposit only. It will lighten the hair from it's natural shade to a lighter shade. The hair is then shampooed, conditioned and styled.
  • Demi Permanent Color ($25.00)
    Color is added to the hair to add depth or change the color hue slightly. Can last up to 12 or more shampoos. This is an added service.
  • Semi-color ($35.00)
    Color added to the hair to slightly alter the current shade and/or bring current shade back to life. Mild enough to be used with relaxer.
  • Full Weave ($250.00)
    Hair is shampooed,conditioned and blown dry. Hair is then braided and covered with a weaving net (which allows hair unit to lay flat and to secure the braids) and then the human hair will be sewn onto the net. May have hair left out or not...
  • Lace Frontal/Lace weave ($250.00)
  • Weave- Partial ($150.00)
    Hair is shampooed conditioned and blown dry. The dry hair is then cornrowed and the human hair is then sewed onto the braid. Partial weave comes with a 4 braid maximum. Style is included. May add color to this service.
  • Weave (bonded) ($150.00)
    Hair is shampooed, conditioned and dried. Once dried the human hair is added with professional bonding adhesive and attach to the clients hair, cut and styled.
  • Weave bonded (per piece) ($15.00)
    Hair is shampooed, conditioned and dried. Once dried the human hair (individual pieces) will be bonded in the hair to achieve fullness and/or length.
  • Weave Maintenance ($65.00)
    Shampoo to remove all residue from the weave hair and condition the hair for manageability. Dry under a hooded dryer (to allow the hair between braids to dry) and then style as desired. Add a set for $20
  • Quick Weave ($150.00)
  • Weave - Indivisual Sewn-In weft ($25.00)
    Adding the sewn in weft individually, throughout the head. No more than 4 braids.
  • Hair Extensions Removal ($35.00)
    Removal of hair extensions that have been temporarily installed.
  • Wrap & Curl / Blow-Dry ($55.00)
    Wrap/Curl: Hair will be shampooed, conditioned, molded and dried. After dried, the hair will be lighted oiled and styled as desired. Blow Dry: Hair shampooed, conditioned and dried. Blown out straight and then flat ironed to desired style.
  • Hair Cut ($40.00)
    Hair will be shampooed, conditioned and dried and shaped (anything more than 2") to achieve your desired style.
  • Hair Trim ($20.00)
    Hair trim: redirection of the hair shaft by removing the damaged or split ends.
  • Roller Sets/Flexi Rods ($55.00)
    Hair will be shampooed, conditioned and set on rollers to make the hair curly and full. Spiral set/flexi rods: hair is set on a spiral roller to give a spiral effect with the hair. (Add $10+ extra for flexi rods and/or spiral set)
  • Natural Style (Blow-out) ($70.00)
    Hair is shampooed, conditioned and blown out straight and then flat ironed.
  • Loc Maintenance ($65.00)
    The hair will be shampooed with an organic cleanse shampoo to remove all debris and then conditioned. The new growth of the locs will be re-twisted and/or interlocked and dried. Styling hair will be added ($10)
  • Up Do's ($75.00)
    Hair is shampooed, conditioned and set and/or blow dried. Pinned up to desired style.
  • Natural Hairstyles ($75.00)
    Shampoo and condition the hair and style to include: flat twists (wet or dry), gel twists, double-strand twist and set to dry..Hair must be at least 3" long Longer hair add'l fee. (Add demi-color $35) Flexi rods for natural hair ($85+)
  • Press & Curl ($65.00)
    The hair will be shampooed and conditioned, blown dry. The hair will be pressed from root to ends using a pressing comb & the ceramic flat iron. (Add semi-perm color for $35) Longer hair will be slightly higher
  • Texturizer ($65.00)
    Chemically relaxing the natural curl pattern of the hair, resulting in the hair with a curly look. Hair must be a minimum of 5 inches in length. Shampoo and condition the hair, followed by a cream softener.
  • Keratin (express) blow out ($80.00)
    Hair is shampooed with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioned. Silkening solution applied to towel-dried hair to add inner strength to the hair follicle,followed by a blow dried service.
  • Consultation ($10.00)
    Discussion about the desired hairstyle with a hair and scalp analysis. Fee can be paid at day of consultation or added to service date.
  • Sculptured Styles ($55.00)
    Sculpting the hair into a finger wave pattern.
  • Keratin ($250.00)
  • Double Process coloring ($150.00)
  • Silk Press ($75.00)
  • Corrective color ($125.00)
  • Ombre' Coloring ($135.00)
  • Balayage Color ($85.00)
  • Protein Treatment ($30.00)
    Protein treatment designed to seal the cuticle. It’s designed to stop extreme breakage. Can be
  • Conditioning Treatment ($25.00)
    Designed to soften dry/brittle hair. To be added to any service desired.

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Lisa P - Mar 9, 2018

I look forward to getting my hair done by Shante. She does a fantastic job and is very detailed. The hair wash is especially relaxing and my scalp feels like it's been on vacation!! Thank you Shante!

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