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  • ESSENCE X 2 CUSTOM: 60 min
    'Kneading' a duet session, but both want something different, or need something specific that doesn't quite fit our current listings. Send in a request in the comments and we will set it up just for you.
  • CAMBRIAN CALM X2: FM/RF/LED- Ess ($270.00)
    CAMBRIAN FACE MASSAGE - LED LIGHT MASK - REFLEXOLOGY FOR TWO: Relax & improve circulation to your face & neck with additional Reflexology to your hands & feet. Includes cleanse, exfoliation and light therapy mask. Stand Alone $270. Add-on $240.
  • CAMBRIAN GLOW x 2: BP/SM-Essence ($270.00)
    BODY POLISH & SWEDISH MASSAGE FOR TWO: Our essence scrub blended with a full body massage. Gently exfoliate your skin while you relax. Warmed towels are used to maximize the absorption of the oils & body butters. Stand Alone $270. Add-on $240.
  • CAMBRIAN SENSATIONX2:HFP-Essence ($270.00)
    HAND & FOOT POLISH/MASSAGE: Gently stimulate circulation to your extremities & exfoliate dry skin. Rich body butter softens your soles & hot towels compresses and paraffin wrap completes your experience. Stand Alone $270. Add-on $240.
  • BACK TO BASICS X 2: Essence ($180.00)
    Basic Swedish massage for TWO. $180
  • SINGULARITY X2(Sea Mist) Essence ($210.00)
    Can either be a full body Swedish Massage, using light to medium pressure, or a massage that focuses mostly on to the back and neck, for TWO. Includes non contact aromatherapy and a warmed towel compress to the torso, neck and shoulders. $210
  • SINGULARITY X2(MoonStone)Essence ($210.00)
    Can either be a full body Swedish Massage, using light to medium pressure, or a massage that brings more attention to the back & neck, for TWO. Includes non contact aromatherapy & focused use of warmed stones to the torso, neck and shoulders. $210
  • SWEDISH RELAXATION X 2: Essence ($240.00)
    Full body Swedish Massage for TWO using light to medium pressure. Includes non contact aromatherapy and warmed towel compresses to the back torso, hands and feet, along with a warm towel to the face and neck. $240
  • BABY MAKES THREE: Essence ($210.00)
    One Pre-Natal massage & one Singularity massage. Includes basic aromatherapy and use of warmed towels. $210
  • EASTERN FUSION X 2: Essence ($180.00)
    For TWO! Turn your sessions into deep relaxing states of meditation using holistic arts of healing, Done fully clothed on a padded table or floor. Sessions of Reiki, Accupressure/Shiastu or Breema, either individually or a blend, per request. $180
  • ROMANCING THE STONES X2: Essence ($240.00)
    Come relax, regenerate and revitalize with a focused massage for TWO, specially addressing the most needed areas of your body. Using light to medium pressure, this massage includes warm stones, a hot towel compress & aromatherapy. $240
  • CAMBRIA STONE CONNE X 2: Essence ($260.00)
    The complete warmed stone massage experience for TWO. Stones used through entire session with a warmed towel compress to the back. Focus on the 'kneady' areas or receive a full body stone massage. $260
  • DEEPER STILLX2:(DT/Sport)Essence ($260.00)
    For TWO! Designed to address specific muscular aches & pains commonly found with injuries, as well as postural & mental stresses. Specialized techniques, hot towels & stones are used to provide relief from chronic tension. $270 (CURRENT SPECIAL $260)
  • STONE SOLE CONNECT X2:RF-Essence ($250.00)
    REFLEXOLOGY for TWO with warmed stones, compresses & special foot balms: The hands & feet are pathways to all internal body systems. The entire body is relieved of tension and deep relaxation is achieved with this wonderful hand & foot therapy. $250
  • HERBAL INFUSION X 2: Essence ($240.00)
    Our unique Cambrian inspired steamed HERBAL BALL MASSAGE for TWO, each focused on two areas or a walking of the meridians on both sides of the body. $240
  • ESSENTIAL AROMATOUCH®X2: Essence ($260.00)
    Aromatherapy using doTERRA's therapeutic essential oils applied to the back, hands & feet for TWO. Your body's gradually introduced to this special combination of therapeutic, balancing & healing oils. Finishes with warm towel compresses. $260
  • CHRYSALISM DREAMS X 2 - Essence ($270.00)
    Chrysalis: the outer protective cocoon of a butterfly before it emerges. A unique session for TWO using compression massage, down the back meridians of the body. Uses moist heat & layered towel compresses. The result: a deep sense of relaxation. $135
  • SALT OF THE SEA X 2: Essence ($260.00)
    Magnesium Therapy's ideal for pain management. With this session for TWO we combine heat, using a warm towel compress, Swedish massage, aromatherapy & magnesium chloride infused oil to help increase relaxation, circulation and waste removal. $260
  • LOVING HANDS X2: Essence ($260.00)
    ABHYANGA - Ayurvedic massage for TWO, with specialized herbal infused warmed oils, and hot towel compresses, used to bring balance and healing to the body. $260
  • LOVING HANDS IN TANDEM X2: 3 Ess ($310.00)
    A treatment for TWO with 3 therapists (1 per person w/ a shared 3rd therapist) working in a rhythmic fashion, using Ayurvedic warmed oils, which penetrate deep into the tissues to loosen toxins at a cellular level. Steam towel treatment follows. $310
  • LOVING HANDS IN TANDEM X2: 4 Ess ($360.00)
    This treatment is performed by two therapists, per person, working in a rhythmic fashion, using Ayurvedic warmed oils, which penetrate deep into the tissues to loosen toxins at a cellular level. An aromatic steam towel treatment follows. $360

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Jan 16, 2018

Best massage EVER! They care, they are very in tune to your body and the listen to where your aches and pains are. Cambria has many massage therapist, but Therapy By The Sea is the best of the best!

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