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  • Partial Sew-In Weave $150.00 ($150.00)
    This service includes hair left out. If you are natural/or have alot of hair, there may be an extra charge. Shampoo not included. Basic cut & flat iron included only. if you have wavy extension hair, there will be an extra charge to straighten.
  • Quick Weave ($65.00)
    Bonded Weave using Morning Glory (Protective Serum from glue) $65.00 special, includes basic cut and style(layers included). $20.00 extra for Bob cuts and spiral curls.
  • Extension Removal $25.00 & up ($25.00)
    Removal of Sewn Extensions. $25.00 and up depending on the condition of the extensions and the amount of time they were left in. Prices does not include shampoo or any other services.
  • The Works (Sew-Ins)
    Any Sew-in Extensions that require shampooing, partial relaxer, weave take-out, semi-permanent hair color, and etc. Allow your self a little more time when getting the works. This price of this service depends on extra services being done.
  • Weave Tighten Up
    One Free tighten up, does not include any other service such as styling and etc. Any additional tighten ups will be $10.00
  • Consultation ($10.00)
    $10.00. Educating the client about my services and the process prior to appointment. Opportunity for me to examine the hair and make recommendations based on hair condition/hair type. The $10.00 Fee will be used towards appointment.
  • Shampoo and style $40.00 & up ($40.00)
    Shampoo and Basic Weave Styling. $40.00 and up. For this service, dryer time is recommended. There may be an extra charge if you have wavy hair or extremely long extensions.
  • Spiral Curls ($25.00)
    $25.00 & up depending on length and fullness. If hair has to be straightened first, it will also be an additional charge.
  • Semi-Permanent Color ($15.00)
    $15.00 and up
  • Cut & Style ($25.00)
    Weave Cut & Style
  • Individual Sew-In Tracks ($15.00)
    $15.00 Per Track(5 tracks max). Basic Cut & Basic Style
  • Individual Bonded Tracks
    Individual bonded track $5.00 per track(5 max). Basic cut & Basic Style additional $15.00 Shampoo & Deep Conditioner add $10.00
  • Shampoo tracks for reuse ($15.00)
    Only tracks that are in good condition will be reused. Tracks that are extremely cut up, will not be reused. Keep in mind that reusing hair can be more time consuming, and may require additional hair if some tracks were used.
    Sew-in weave with handmade closure, no hair left out. Included...leave in conditioner, scalp base, basic cut & style. This method includes a net. Shampoo not included. I DO NOT do Lace Closures or Frontals.
  • Hair Straightening ($25.00)
    On Curly or Wavy Extensions $25.00 and up
  • TREATMENTS ($35.00)
    $10.00 and up. Ask for our Treatment List
  • Shampoo & Deep Conditoner ($25.00)
    On Natural Hair Only as preparation for Extension Install.
    $10.00. Does not include shampoo or any other service.
  • TRIM ($10.00)
    FREE with any Package or the Works
    12 inch Hair Shampoo & Deep Conditioner Extension Install (Includes Partial Sew-in, Basic Cut & Style) $100.00 Down Payment 30 Days to pay off balance. 2 payments of $100.00. Final Payment Due Day of Services
  • THE DIVA PACKAGE ($360.00)
    14 inch hair of your choice Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment Trim Extension Install (Includes Partial Sew-in, basic cut & Spirals) $100.00 Down Payment 45 Days to pay off remaining balance 2 payments of 130.00. Final Payment Due Day of Services.
  • THE QUEEN B. PACKAGE ($390.00)
    16 inch hair of your choice Extension Removal Shampoo and Deep Conditioner Trim Install (Includes Partial Sew-in, basic cut & Spirals) $125.00 Down Payment 60 Days to pay off balance 2 payments 132.50 Balance Due Day of Services.
  • HIGHLIGHT EXTENSIONS $25 & up ($25.00)
    $25.00 - $45.00 per bundle
  • OMBRE COLOR EXTENSIONS $25 & up ($25.00)
    Any colors besides 1,1b,2, and 4. CONSULTATION REQUIRED FOR PRICING.

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Closed In Jersey
Apr 7, 2018 - Apr 8, 2018
Phone (919) 904-1710
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Kimberly Brooker - Mar 3, 2018

The service was great! Everyone was very nice and all the ladies are very knowledgeable about hair and the services they provide. I highly recommend them! I love my hair... Thanks Nicole!

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