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  • Hair Cuts ($25.00)
    Casual blowdry included/shampoo is NOT included in this price. To add a shampoo to this service an additional charge of $5.00 will be added.
  • Hair Cuts (Kids) 10 & under ($15.00)
    Casual blowdry included/shampoo is NOT included in this price. An additional charge of $5.00 will be added to shampoo.
  • Teen Cuts (age 11-14) ($20.00)
  • Shampoo/Cut & Style (for women) ($50.00)
    Shampoo, Cut, roller set or blow dry and style. Prices vary depending on hair Thickness and Length as well as style. If hair is Natural a extra $15.00 will be added to total.
  • Shampoo, Cut & Style (for Men) ($35.00)
  • Shampoo & Styles
    Prices vary depending on Thickness and Length of hair and the Style you want. Prices $30.00 - $40.00 If hair is Natural an additional $15.00 will be added
  • (Natural Hair) Shampoo/Style ($50.00)
    Hair that has no Relaxer in it, or growing out a relaxer! The base price starts at $50.00 Extra charge for thickness and length of hair! Please state in the comment box, what type of hair you have(Thick, Course, Thin, Long etc,,) Thank You!
  • Natural Hair-Shampoo,Cut&Style ($65.00)
    For Natural hair- If hair is Thick or Long and additional charge of $5.00 - $10.00 will be added.
  • Relaxers ($75.00)
    If hair is extremely thick or long a $5.00 charge will be applied.Style is included with this price. Rods are an extra $5.00 and a cut is NOT included in this price. Haircut with this service will be an additional $10.00
  • Relaxer w/ Demi Color ($95.00)
    Relaxer with a Demi-color (no-peroxide) A Demi is a rinse that usually lasts 4-6 weeks Cut is NOT included in this price.
  • Brazilian Blow Out ($275.00)
    BBO is a Smoothing Treatment that makes the hair Smooth, Healthy, FRIZZ- FREE and Shiny. And there is No Damage to the hair. Results last up to 12 weeks. The base price is $275.00 Longer/Thicker hair will be an additional charge.
  • Conditioning Treatment ($20.00)
    A Protein Pak will be applied to your hair, you will be placed under a heated dryer for 15 mins. This service is an add on service.
  • Color, Cut & Style ($95.00)
    This price includes one color application with Cut & Style. If hair is Long or Thick an additional charge of $5 - $10 will be added.
  • Color & Style ($80.00)
    Color with Style. This does NOT include a cut!
  • Color and Highlights ($150.00)
    A Base color is applied and highlights are added in. If hair is thick or long an additional $ 5 -10 will be added. Haircut IS included.
  • Highlights with Cap ($85.00)
    An additional Charge may apply for extra length and Thickness. Haircut & Style is included with this price.
  • Highlights with Foil ($95.00)
    Price includes a Haircut and Style, Thickness and Length will be an additional charge and to add additional colors its $5.00 for each additional color
  • Partial Highlights w/Foils ($50.00)
    Doing just the crown of the head
  • Demi-Color (Rinse) ($55.00)
    This is a Demi-Color it is NOT permanent color. It does NOT have any peroxide in it. So it is Excellent to use after Relaxers or Perms. Haircut is NOT included in this price.
  • Perms
    Roll hair on perm rods and apply a perm solution. A Cut & Style is included with this price. If hair is thick and long there will be an additional charge.
  • Perm w/Haircut & Style ($90.00)
    This is strictly made for Caucasian hair only as it is ammonium based and is NOT a relaxer.
  • EyeBrows/Lips/Chin Waxing ($10.00)
    Eyebrows are $10.00, Lips & Chin are $5.00 each.
  • Updos (Styles) ($60.00)
    Base price starts at $60.00 Hair is put up in a style and pricing will depend on style chosen, Thickness & length of hair.

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Phone (205) 566-3586
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A True Professional

Dianne F - Mar 5, 2018

La Tonya always gives me a perfect haircut and it is really very nice being completely stress free during the process. Thank you!

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