Wix is one of the many website building platforms on which small businesses can create and manage their sites. Placing the Book Now Button on your business’s website is one of the most important things you can do to get more online appointments and maximizing your Genbook account’s use. Below, we’ve laid out detailed, step-by-step instructions for adding a Book Now Button to a Wix website.
Before you start, you should have both your Wix site editor and your Genbook account open (preferably in different tabs of the same browser).

Step 1: In your Genbook account, choose your preferred button size, then copy the corresponding HTML code

The Book Now Button code is found in the “Place a Book Now Button on your website” (bottom left) section of your Settings tab. You’ll need to choose whether you’d like to display a small, medium, or large Book Now Button on your site, then you’ll see the appropriate code(s). Highlight and copy the code in the first (top) box.


Step 2: In your Wix site editor, click the “+” (Add) button on the left of the screen, scroll down, and choose “Apps”


Step 3: In the next Wix menu, choose the “HTML” option


Step 4: Next, click on the HTML box to edit the Settings, and select “HTML code” from the “Mode” (top) drop-down menu


Choosing the “HTML code” mode will then create a space where you can paste the Book Now Button code you copied from your Genbook account.

Step 5: Paste your Book Now Button code into the space provided


Click “update”, and the Book Now Button should appear where the grey HTML box had been. You can then move it to the perfect spot on your site. Be sure to save your changes and “publish” your site again once you’re ready to go live with the button on your site.

Here’s an example of a Wix site with a Book Now Button on its homepage.

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