The Genbook Calendar has both a Daily and a Weekly view option.

If you have a one-person business, your default view of the calendar will be the Weekly view. It looks like this:

Weekly Calendar View
You’ll see two icons next to each date when you’re in this view. The one that looks sort of like a broken circle will, when clicked on, mark the staff member whose schedule you’re viewing as “Away Today”. The other, which looks like a calendar with one day highlighted in red, will take you to a day view of the calendar.

Calendar View IconIf you have multiple staff members, your schedule will default to the Daily view:

Daily View with Multiple Staff
The icons next to the staff members’ names will be the same as those next to the dates in the week view, except now the calendar icon will take you to the week view of a particular staff member’s calendar.

If you have multiple staff categories, you can select which one to view from the “people” icon to the left of the “Today” button.

Staff Broup Dropdown

In the Weekly view, that same drop down gives you the option to select different staff members.

Staff Selection Dropdown

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