We often get asked by our Genbookers about the different ways in which their clients can schedule their appointments. So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to explain the top ways Genbook helps your clients schedule.

Scheduling Webpage Link

Ever wondered what your clients see when they click on your link? Check it out by heading to Settings and clicking on ‘Book a test appointment’ to see what your clients see. Create your custom URL for your Scheduling Webpage whenever you want (just as long as it hasn’t already been taken!). You can then add that link to the bottom of any email or social media post you send out. That way, your clients know to click and book, without having to pick up the phone or email you at 2am.

Book Now Button

Ah, the Book Now Button, one of our favorite features. Under ‘Connecting’ in your Settings tab, click on ‘Book Now Button’ and choose from a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Once you’ve chosen your favorite design, copy and paste the code underneath into your website. That way, your Book Now Button will appear on your website, making booking even easier for your clients. All they have to do is click the button, and they’ll be redirected to your Genbook Scheduling Webpage. Easy!

Facebook Book Now Button

Another version of the Book Now Button is the Call To Action button on your Facebook Business page. By adding the booking ability to your Facebook page, your clients can be taken to your Genbook Scheduling Webpage straight from Facebook! If you don’t already have a button on your Facebook page, click ‘Add a Button’ on the right-hand-side of your page. Click ‘Book Services’ and choose ‘Book Now’ from the drop-down options. You’ll be prompted to add a website link, so add your unique Genbook Scheduling Webpage link, found in your Settings in Genbook. Click ‘Add Button’, and voila! Your Facebook page should now have a big, beautiful button for your clients to click on for appointments. If you’ve already got a button on your page, hover over it, click ‘Edit Button’, and paste your unique Genbook Scheduling Webpage link.

Genbook App

We have not one, but TWO apps! One app is the one you’re most likely more familiar with (Genbook Manager), while the other one is used by your clients (Genbook). The orange-filled app is used by people looking to schedule an appointment. Some may search for your business’s name, whilst others might be searching for a particular type of business in their area. So, it means you get the benefit of having both loyal clients and new clients making appointments with you. For the new ones, they may choose you for a variety of reasons. However we do find that the more reviews you have, the better. And don’t worry about chasing your clients for a review — we do that for you!

Ask your clients to download the Genbook App to make their lives (and your life!) easier.


This may come as a surprise to you, but we’ve now made it possible with Google for your clients to start their booking process when they search you on Google! Basically, when someone searches your business, the right-hand sidebar will show where your business is, your open hours, contact details, etc. (yes, yes, we know you know about the Google sidebar). But what you may not have known is that your clients will be able to click on ‘Book an appointment’ and start the booking process on Google! Once they’ve chosen a service, they’ll be prompted to continue booking on your Genbook Scheduling Webpage.

Haven’t used our online scheduling software yet? It’s not too late (it never is!). Sign up to our 30-day free trial to have a look around. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by all our great features!

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