Online customer reviews matter (a lot!)

In our digital, mobile world, online customer reviews are here to stay, and act as increasingly powerful motivators of consumer behavior — especially in the competitive local business market. A BrightLocal consumer survey revealed some compelling stats about how online reviews affect consumer decisions. Here are just a few highlights:

  • 88% of those surveyed trust online reviews as much as personal/word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • 72% trust a business more because of positive customer reviews.
  • 72% take some action (visit the business website, call the business, etc.) after reading a positive review.

Maybe that’s why Forbes lists sharing and “show[ing] off reviews” as one of their “5 Social Media Growth Hacks for Small Businesses“. And it’s why Genbook is committed to providing businesses and their customers a robust customer review experience.

With over 85% of Genbook businesses publishing customer reviews, the vast majority of our users are already promoting their reputations using the testimonials of their satisfied customers. Here’s what that means for your business:

Genbook Reviews are big, and they’re growing fast

NEWReviewsStarsLocal businesses have now published hundreds of thousands of Verified Customer Reviews through Genbook. What’s even more exciting is that nearly 1/3 of those reviews were published within the last year alone! Genbook reviews are growing by about 50% annually.

And businesses that publish customer reviews don’t usually just publish a handful. On average, a Genbook business has published over 60 reviews. That’s a lot of real, glowing customer feedback that helps attract new customers, and keeps existing ones coming back!

Customers are reading Genbook Reviews


We’ve found that visitors to Genbook scheduling pages spend an average of two minutes reading a business’s reviews. That’s significantly longer than the time they spend actually scheduling their appointments. The takeaway? Once your customers read your wonderful reviews, they’re motivated to quickly book an appointment with you!

Your Verified Customer Reviews make your business look great


We noticed something: Your customers love you, and they’re not afraid to say it. Genbook reviews are overwhelmingly positive, most of them having a 5-star rating (the highest you can get). So, when potential customers read your reviews, they’ll get a good sense of just how great your business is, and be even more inclined to book.

Now that you know what reviews can do, let’s briefly look at how to make your business’s online presence shine even brighter with Verified Customer Reviews.

How Customer Reviews work

Customer reviews on Genbook are “verified” because they come from actual customers who have recently frequented your business.

Once you enable the Customer Reviews feature, Genbook will send your customers an email 24 hours after their appointments, asking them to review their experiences. If your customers make more appointments, they’ll receive periodic review invitations (but never more frequently than once every 30 days), giving them a chance to say even more great things about your business. You can also manually prompt a review invite from a customer’s record (again, not more often than once every 30 days).

Your published reviews and summary star rating will appear on your Genbook scheduling page, your Facebook Business Page, and be optimized for inclusion in Google search results for your business.

Collect, publish and share your reviews

So, if you aren’t already publishing Verified Customer Reviews, it may be time to join the thousands of businesses who are, and build up your well-earned online reputation. Your reviews will make you look your best both mobile and desktop devices, and entice your customers to book their next appointments before someone else snatches up your valuable time and services.

You can share your customer reviews in a number of ways:

  1. Post a “Read Verified Customer Reviews” button on your website from within your Reviews tab of your Genbook account.NEWReadReviewsButton
  2. Add the Book Now app to your Facebook Page, to display your latest and greatest reviews.
  3. Share a link to your reviews page on your Facebook Profile or Page (from within your Reviews tab in Genbook).NEWReviewsSmall
  4. Tweet a link to your reviews page (also via the Reviews tab in your account).

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