Your business is your baby, and we get that. But if you’re letting your business run you instead of you running it, it’s time to rethink how you’re working. You need to take care of yourself while also taking care of your business. Without you, there is no business!

Block off time

Stressed? You should block off time in your calendar regularly for a quick breather. A stressed-out business owner is no good to a customer looking for a service. Rest up, take a break, and don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s hard enough being a business owner, so don’t make things worse by beating yourself up.

Treat yo’self

You need some ‘you time’ every now and then, and no one can fault you for doing just that. Book in for a massage, hair appointment, or something else that you enjoy. You spend most of your time making other people happy, and you need some of that for yourself as well.

‘After work’ should mean ‘no work’

When you get home, your work is done. Don’t then spend time doing more work. You’ll burn out, get stressed out, and won’t be able to relax. Think of home as a ‘no work zone’. Once you’re there, the work ends.

Take a vacation

Whether it’s a weekend away in the neighboring town or a getaway to somewhere overseas, you need time away from work. If you’re a solo business owner and there’s no one else to look after the business, let your customers know in advance that you’re taking time off for a well-needed break. If you have others who can take control of the business while you’re away, lean on them. If you trust them enough to work for you, you can trust them enough to help out for a few days or weeks.


Probably the most important way to look after yourself is to get a proper night’s sleep! Without a good rest, you’re of little use at work, as you’ll feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and probably a bit grumpy as well. Turn off the phone, count some sheep, and wake up feeling re-energized.

What do you do each day to keep the stresses of work away?
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