Genbook account holders can provide separate account logins to Staff Members and Office Managers. You maintain control of your Genbook account, while being able to designate specific access privileges to your staff, so they can update their schedules, clients, and other settings as you determine.

To set up a staff member’s login and access, go to his/her Staff page in Settings, and click the Access Rights tab.

Access Rights tab is found under each Staff member profile

On the Access Rights page, enter the staff member’s email address, and make sure the top box on the page is checked, in order to set up her login.

Access Rights Tab Staff Login Email

Then, choose what you allow her to see and, more importantly, edit in your Genbook account. If you only want your staff member to be able to view and edit her own appointments and calendar, then you can leave just the top box on the page checked and save your changes at the bottom of that page.

Otherwise, you have a number of options — from limited to full viewing and editing privileges — under “Additional access rights”. Grant or restrict access to other staff members’ calendars, client reviews, client credit card details, and the Customers tab, as well as the ability to change one’s own and your business’s settings.

Additional Staff Access Rights

Once you save a staff member’s access settings, Genbook sends her an email with a link allowing her to set up a password.

TIP: If that initial password setup email is lost or doesn’t reach your staff member, she can always go to the Genbook login page and click “Forgot password” in order to be sent a password reset email.

 If you have any questions about this feature, don’t hesitate to send a message to the Customer Care Team from the Support tab within your Genbook application.
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