There are two ways to set up Calendar Synchronization, so that your Genbook calendar updates an external calendar on the Web or on your computer. The first, via email, is explained here. The following directions are for sharing and subscribing to your Genbook calendar via a webcal/iCalendar URL.

1. Go to the individual staff member’s “Calendar Syncing” section, by navigating to the Settings page via the gear icon at the top right, then clicking “Staff”, the staff member’s name, then “Calendar Syncing”.


2. Turn on Synchronization and select “Use a private URL”. This will show you your private Genbook Calendar URL. (If you’ve shared your calendar with others before and wish to stop sharing, you can regenerate the URL.) Be sure to save your changes.

Calendar Sync Settings

3. You’re now ready to paste the Genbook calendar’s private URL into the appropriate place in your external calendar, so long as that calendar allows you to subscribe to other calendars’ feeds via a URL. Below, we’ve outlined the process for subscribing to your Genbook calendar in Google, Outlook, Thunderbird and iCal.

1. Google Calendar

Under “Other Calendars”, along the left side of the screen, click “Add”

Then, select “Add by URL”


Paste (Ctrl+P on a PC or ⌘+P on a Mac) the URL into the box and click “Add Calendar.”


It may take a while (sometimes even up to 24 hours) before Google actually downloads your Genbook calendar.
TIP: If you’re experiencing problems with your Google Calendar sync, please have a look at some known issues we and some Genbookers have encountered to see if they apply.

2. Outlook 2010

Click in the ribbon on “Open Calendar” and choose “From Internet…”. In older versions of Outlook, click on the “Tools” menu, then “Account Settings”, and the Internet Calendars tab.


Paste the URL into the box that pops up and press OK.


Finally, click “Yes” and Outlook will start importing your calendar immediately.


3. Apple Calendar

Open Calendar and click on File and then “New Calendar Subscription”.
Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.13.04 AM
Paste the URL in the window that pops up, and click “Subscribe”
On the last screen, you can change the calendar name, description, etc. We recommend setting the Auto-Refresh rate to “Every 5 minutes”. Also, if you do not use iCloud to sync your Apple device Calendars (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.), you’ll want to change the Location to “On My Mac”. Otherwise, if you do want your Genbook Calendar subscription to appear on all your iCloud synced devices, choose the “iCloud” Location option.


Your Genbook Calendar will begin importing into your external calendar, and your Genbook appointments will be visible in that other calendar.
Here is an example from an Apple Calendar:
And one from Google Calendar:
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