There are a number of settings that affect your business, staff and service availability in Genbook. The following is a comprehensive list of these settings and features, with links to blog posts that elaborate on how they operate and how to edit them.

  • Business-wide settings – Affect all availability for the entire business (all staff and services). 
    • Operating Hours (Settings > “Operating Hours”): These dictate all the times your business is open for appointments, and determine the hours you see on your calendar when you are logged into your Genbook account.
    • Closed Dates (Settings > “Closed Dates”): The dates listed here will be unavailable for online booking. This is where you’d list holidays, vacation dates, and other dates your entire business will be closed. Learn more about Closed Dates.
    • Appointment Lead Times (Settings > “Appointment Lead Times”): These determine a minimum and maximum number of hours/days prior to an appointment that a client can schedule it.  The more restrictive you make these, the less availability clients will have to choose from. If your calendar fills up fast you should consider making these more wide-reaching. Learn more about Appointment Lead Times.
    • Online Start Times (Settings > “Online Start Times”): These dictate either the exact start times at which appointments are displayed (Manual mode) or start time increments (Automatic mode). If you’re using the Manual mode, you MUST enter all the available start times you wish to offer. Only those start times listed will be displayed on your scheduling page. Some businesses get into trouble when they use the Manual mode, but don’t list all the start times they want to show, because it causes the availability clients see to not match up with what is actually open in their calendars. Learn more about Online Start Times.
  • Staff-level settings – These work within the business-wide settings listed above, affecting only the availability of a particular staff member. 
    • Staff Hours (Settings > Staff > staff member’s name > “Staff Hours”): This feature dictates individual staff members’ availability and schedules within the business’s operating hours. This is a weekly recurring setting, but can be overridden directly in the calendar, on specific dates, without being affected at any other time. Learn more about Staff Hours.
    • Away Dates (Settings > Staff > staff member’s name > “Away Dates”): The dates listed here will be when the staff member in question will be unavailable for booking. This is where you’ll list your staff members’ vacation and other non-working dates. Learn more about Away Dates. 
  • Service-level settings – These work within both the staff and business-level settings to determine availability for a particular service. 
    • Online Availability (Settings > Services > service title > “Online Availability”): This feature dictates the schedules for particular services. These work in conjunction with staff and business level availability. For instance, if a particular service is available from 2pm until 6pm on Mondays, but the only staff member to which the service is assigned is Offline at that time, the client will still not be able to book the service at that time (because the staff member is unavailable). Learn more about Online Availability for services.

If you notice availability discrepancies or problems in your account, you should check that all the settings listed above are configured correctly.

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