Some Genbookers and their clients may want to limit the amount of personal information attached to reviews. We heard this loud and clear from many of you, which is why we’ve improved the privacy protection in our Reviews feature.

You can elect to not publish names that your clients have attached to their reviews. This means that you have the final say on whether client names are published. Many health and medical practitioners using Genbook have requested this capability to protect the privacy of their patients. Go to the Settings page in your Genbook account, then click on “Customer reviews” and check the box next to “Suppress personally identifiable information” to ensure client names don’t show up on their reviews.


In addition, your clients now have more options for how their names appear on the reviews they post (assuming you allow their names to be published). They can attach their full names, first names and last initials or just their initials.

Because we understand that clients of certain businesses may prefer total anonymity, there’s also the option to use a different name altogether. Clients can simply choose “Other” from the Name drop down menu and enter an alias of their choosing.

As you see highlighted below, client names appear as they’ve been entered when the reviews are published on your scheduling page.


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