Posting the Book Now button your website lets you give your customers a simple and stress-free scheduling experience that will make them love you even more. Below, we share the steps you’ll need to take to get the button onto a GoDaddy website.

First, log into both your Genbook account and your GoDaddy WebsiteBuilder. We recommend you have these two sites open in separate tabs of the same browser. Then, follow the steps outlined below.

1. In your Genbook account, navigate to Settings > Add a Book Now button on your website (at the bottom left of your Settings tab).




2. Select your preferred button display size at the top of the page, then highlight and copy the SECOND (non-Javascript) piece of code you see.




3. In your GoDaddy WebsiteBuilder, scroll through the list of elements until you see “</> HTML Code”.




4. Click and drag the “</> HTML Code” element to the spot on your site where you’d like the button to appear.




5. From the menu on the right (which you can reveal by clicking in the box, if the menu has disappeared), select “Settings”.




6. Remove the instructions GoDaddy provides and paste the Book Now button code you copied from your Genbook account. Click Save.



You should now see your Book Now button in the HTML element box.


You can minimize this box around your Book Now button, so that the button itself is easier to move. Then, you can move it elsewhere on the page.

Once you’re happy with the position of your Book Now button on your site, you can preview what your published site will look like, then publish it (all from the top right corner of your screen).


Your Book Now button will also appear on the Mobile version of your GoDaddy website. This is important, as more and more customer use mobile devices to make appointments.



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