There may be times when you want to accept customer bookings, despite having made yourself Away or Offline under Staff Hours.  You may wish to work on a particular Tuesday, even though you are usually off on Tuesdays. Similarly, you may want to open up some otherwise Offline times for online bookings, or make yourself unavailable for portions of a particular date, without affecting your availability in the weeks that follow.

Genbook makes it easy to open up or scale back availability on the fly and account for last-minute changes, without disrupting your weekly schedule. All this, right in your Calendar.

When you hover over an “Away” time slot, you will see two options in addition to that of creating a Block: “Online” and “Offline”.

Genbook calendar availability override options.

Click “Online” to open the slot up for customers to book it. Do so for as many time slots you wish to open up on that particular date.

When the time slot is “Offline”, hovering gives you the option to go “Online” or “Away”.
And, of course, you can mark yourself as either “Away” or “Offline” when you’re otherwise scheduled to be Online (ie: available to take online appointments, via your booking form). This allows you to make yourself unavailable for appointments on days when you normally would be able to take them.

Override an available time in the Genbook Calendar.
It’s even possible to override Closed times directly in your calendar, without having them affect your Operating Hours. Just hover over a “Closed” time slot and click “Online”.
For example, we can make David’s 9:00am and 9:30am time slots Online, even though our business is closed until 10:00am.

Opening up Closed times for online bookings.

The result, on the customer booking page, is shown in the screenshot below:

Staff member availability outside of Business Hours.

As you can see, David has openings listed starting at 9am, but the Business Hours still show that the business doesn’t open until 10am.

Don’t hesitate to email our Customer Care Team with any questions, comments or concerns about this or any other feature, from the Support tab in your account.

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