When your customers book appointments via their smartphones, they’ll see a mobile-optimized version of your online scheduling site. Each page is formatted for cleaner, faster display in mobile browsers, so your customers have an easy time scheduling on the go. Below is a quick look at Genbook’s mobile scheduling experience, from start to finish.

If you have multiple service categories, a customer is first asked to select a category, by tapping on it.


Next, your customer can choose a service.


Your customer then selects a staff member (or “No Preference” if you have that option enabled).

 Date and time selection is done on two pages in the mobile booking experience. First, the customer selects a date for the appointment.

Then, your customer chooses the time of the appointment (on that selected date).


Your customer will enter contact details on the next screen.


Finally, the customer reviews and confirms the appointment details (or makes any necessary changes).


The confirmation screen will contain all the appointment details, including the unique Confirmation Reference # and any Confirmation Messages you’ve created. This screen also includes a “Book another appointment” button your customer can click to make a new appointment. (Important: Using this button won’t cancel or move the existing appointment. It simply lets the customer create a brand new, separate appointment).

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