Once an offer has been purchased, there are multiple ways to schedule an appointment to redeem it, for both clients and businesses. Let’s start with how your clients would schedule an appointment for an offer they’ve purchased.

How Clients Schedule an Offer Appointment

1. From the Offer Confirmation Screen: Clients can schedule the offer they’ve just purchased as soon as they’ve finished making the purchase, by clicking the BookNow button on the Offer Confirmation screen.


2. From the Offer Confirmation Email: Clients will receive an email confirmation for any offers they purchase. This email, like the confirmation screen above, contains their Offer ID and the full details of the offer, in addition to their contact information. The Offer Confirmation Email also contains a BookNow button and a link to the scheduling page for the offer.


Regardless of where they click the BookNow button, the Offer Scheduling Page they land on will be the same. The offer scheduling page looks and works just like your regular online booking page, except that it has the offer service pre-selected and there isn’t a way for clients to change it.

Once clients select a time and date for their offer appointment, they’ll be taken to the Client Details page, where their names and email addresses should already be pre-filled, based on the contact information on the offer.

Tip: If you’re chosen to collect client addresses for the offer, clients will be asked to enter those on the “Your Details” page.

Once their appointment has been confirmed, they will see a confirmation screen containing the Reference Number of their appointment and receive an appointment confirmation by email.


How Businesses Schedule an Offer Appointment

There are three places from which you, the business, can make appointments for offers that have been purchased, but not yet redeemed. These are: the Offer Dashboard, the Offer Purchase summary page and the calendar itself.

1. From the Offer Dashboard: Click the “Schedule” link beside the Offer for which you wish to make the appointment.


2. From the Offer Purchase summary page: Click the Schedule Appointment button on the right side of the page.


Whether booking from the Offer Purchase page or the Dashboard, you’ll then see an “Add An Appointment” box, with the offer service pre-selected, and the Offer ID at the top of the box. The length of the service, client name and email address will also be pre-filled, but can be modified. You can add the client’s phone number and a Memo, if needed.


Tip: The service title, Offer Number and Revenue field cannot be edited.

Once you’ve selected a time and date for the appointment, hit “Save”. You’ll be able to view the appointment in your calendar, by clicking “View” on the Offer Purchase summary page or the Dashboard (where the appointment date will now be found).


3. From the Calendar: The final way to book an Offer appointment is right from your calendar as you would book any other Offline Appointment. Click on a time slot in the calendar, then type (or copy and paste) the Offer ID in the top field, where it says “Enter Offer ID”.


Click the “Go” button, to populate the relevant information in the appointment details fields. Then, just fill in the other fields as needed. Don’t forget to click the Save button at the bottom right, to lock in the appointment and ensure the client receives an appointment confirmation email.

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