It’s now possible to sync to a personal calendar (like Google, for instance) in Genbook. This allows you to keep track of non-business related (or perhaps other business-related) events in Genbook, so you avoid double-booking yourself.

Without further ado, here’s how to use it:

On your Staff Details page, click the “Calendar Syncing” link.

Calendar Syncing Link

At the bottom of the page that follows, you’ll see an “Inbound” option.

Check the box beside “Synchronize your personal appointments…”, then paste the URL (ending in “.ics”) from your Google, or other Web calendar that can be shared/subscribed-to. When you’re done, click the “Sync” button.


Appointments and events from your external calendar will appear slightly greyed out in Genbook. There will be a “downloaded from cloud” icon at the top right.

Inbound Sync Setup

You can add Offline (manual) appointments on top of any external scheduled events in Genbook. However, your customers won’t see those time slots as available when they visit your scheduling page.

To learn more about subscribing to your Genbook calendar in an external calendar (like Google, Outlook, etc.), check out this post.

Not using Genbook yet? Try Genbook for free using our 30-day free trial, and don’t lose business to other businesses!

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