Our new CloudSponge-powered import tool gives businesses many more options when they import contacts into their Genbook accounts. Businesses can now import contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn, a variety of Web email accounts (Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and others), as well as from their own computers (Outlook, Apple Contacts).

Imports from any of the above locations also contain customers’ full contact details (including street addresses and phone numbers), instead of just names and email addresses.

Below is a quick look at the process of importing contacts from a Gmail account. Once you’ve selected the Gmail import option, the process should go as follows: 

When asked whether you wish to grant access to your Gmail contacts, click “Accept”.


A list of your contacts will populate. You can uncheck the boxes beside any you don’t wish to import, then click the “Next” button to finish the process.


The Gmail contacts you just imported will now be listed in your Genbook Customers tab. Click on any contact to see all the details that were associated with her in your Gmail account. The process should be similar for other Web email providers.


It’s also possible to import a generic CSV (Comma Separated Values) file from your computer, whether you created it via Excel or otherwise. Simply click the “CSV” option at the end of the list of import locations, then follow the steps to locate and import the file from your computer. We do not recommend using the generic CSV import option if you’re importing an Outlook or other specific type of CSV file, as you will only be able to import some of the data.

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