Nail polish brand essie has declared June 1 as National Nail Polish Day, in a bid to get people to share their favorite nail polish moments. Want your nail salon to be involved? Here are some cute ways to be part of the celebration.

1. Ask your clients to take part

Find out what your clients’ favorite nail polish shades are by asking them to post about their most memorable nail polish moment. Perhaps they had a stressful day and found your salon calming, or perhaps they ruined their nails during a special moment. Whatever the memory is, you’ll definitely be drumming up some excitement around National Nail Polish Day.

2. Host a competition

Once your clients have started to take part, ask them to also add a hashtag that is relevant to your brand. So, for example, if your business is called Nailed It, and you’re in San Francisco, you could ask them to use #naileditsf in their caption. It makes it easier to track which of the photos have come from your clients versus the mass public.

Run a competition and gift the winner a free manicure or pedicure (using essie, of course!). Remind clients why they get manicures and pedicures in the first place: for a bit of pampering, a bit of “me time”, and a bit of luxury.

3. Run specials on essie products

Let your clients know that on the 1st of June, all manicures and pedicures using essie nail polish will be discounted. That way, it gives your clients an extra incentive to turn up for a manicure.

4. Be present on social

Take photos of your nail salon to promote National Nail Polish Day, in a bid to invite clients in. Post photos of your favorite nail polishes, use the hashtags (#nationalnailpolishday) and spread the #essielove. Write stories about your clients who have come in for a calming manicure or pedicure, and how it helped them relax.

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