This guide will show you how to set up your new Genbook account and enable your Groupon promotion for online scheduling.
Genbook is a Groupon Preferred Scheduling Partner and is the easiest way to manage all of your upcoming Groupon appointments. Because Genbook is integrated with Groupon, your new customers can schedule or modify appointments online at their convenience, allowing your staff to focus on existing patrons. Your new customers will be delighted by the convenience.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for a Genbook account here. Once you are logged in to your Genbook account, click “Yes, show me what I need to configure” in the dialog box.


Click on and complete each of the steps listed in the Status Bar at the top right of your Calendar tab.


Set Up Your Genbook Account:

1. Validate your Email Address

  • Locate and open the “Welcome to Genbook” email in your inbox.
  • Click the blue “Validate my email address” button.

2. Add your Business Details

    Enter your business’s website, your name, phone number and the remainder of your business’s address. Make sure this matches the details of your Groupon promotion. If you’ve had a change to your business details, please inform your Groupon Account Manager.

Once you’ve entered all relevant information, click “Save Changes”.


3. Set your Operating Hours

  • Use the drop-down menus to set your normal operating hours as posted at your business.

4. Add at least one staff member

  • Enter your and your staff members’ names.
  • Under “Alias”, list the name you want to appear on your Genbook Scheduling Page. Note: Names will not be displayed to Groupon customers when booking.)
  • Enter each Staff’s email address and mobile phone number.
  • Choose a method of appointment notification; Email and/or Text/SMS.
  • lick “Save Changes”.

5. Enter a valid credit card in “Your Account” in Genbook

  • All Groupon businesses can receive a 30 day trial of Genbook at no cost. However, this step is required to ensure scheduling service after your trial and throughout your Groupon promotion. But don’t worry; you’ll still get 30 days at no cost as part of your ongoing paid subscription.
  • The “Your Account” link is found in the top right of your Genbook Calendar.

6. Add the Service to be linked to Groupon

  • Enter your Service’s name where it says “[Rename this service]”. Make sure the name is descriptive of the service and easily recognizable (i.e. “60 Minute Massage”)
  • Do not add the word “Groupon” to the service name, as the service will also be bookable at its normal price in your Genbook account, separate from your Groupon promotion.
  • Set a Duration (length) for your service. This indicates how much time an appointment for this service will take up in your calendar. (To add buffer between appointments, simply add additional time to the Duration, which is not displayed to customers. Learn more: Extend your Service Durations).
  • Enter the price of the service NOT the Groupon price).
  • Click “Save Changes”.

7. Link your Service to Groupon

  • Click the “Deals” tab on the left side of your Services Details screen.


  • Click the “Start” link, and if you have not already done this, please enter your Credit Card details when prompted.


  • Check the box beside “Link this service to your Groupon account”, then click “OK” to accept the terms and conditions.


Locate and make a note of your Genbook ID.

8. Email your Genbook ID and Account Details to Groupon

  • Once you have completed your setup, please email yourGenbook ID and Account Details to Groupon at, and say that you are ready to run your promotion.
  • Be sure to also include your business name, phone number, and the Service name associated with your Groupon promotion.

A Groupon representative will confirm your setup, prepare your Groupon promotion, and let you know when your new customers can schedule their appointments online!

Sign up to Genbook’s 30-day free trial today!

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