Optimizer is a powerful new success-based marketing feature that will help keep your business humming and minimize quiet periods. The Overview dashboard gives you a real-time view of your schedule, so you always know how your business is performing.

Genbook Calendar Optimizer

Switching between views allows you to see your business’s performance for the current day, or the next 7 days. The Overview dashboard also shows the percentage of bookings made Online (by customers, using your scheduling page or the Genbook app) and Offline (by you, using either the Genbook website or the Manager app). You’ll also see Booked Revenue (from confirmed appointments) and Potential Revenue (what you could earn if all your available time slots were booked), plus the number of hours you’re booked, versus what remains open and available for booking.

No one likes it when open appointment slots go unfilled, because it costs you revenue and means missed opportunities to gain new customers. If you’re finding that your schedule is less full than you’d like for the immediate future, we’ve got a great way to help: Last Minute Bookings.

Last Minute Bookings

The Last Minute Bookings feature lets you offer discounted near-term appointments, on a rolling basis, and collect payment for them at the time of booking. This will help ensure you fill your expiring last minute availability, and find new customers for your business.

Setting up Last Minute Bookings

To start using Last Minute Bookings, you’ll need to enable Genbook Payments, so that customers can pay for appointments in advance. You can enable Payments under Settings (the gear icon at the top right of your screen).

Next, simply click the “Optimizer” button at the top left of the Calendar, then on the “Last Minute Bookings” tab.

Choose to offer discounts on expiring same-day appointments, or ones made within the following 24, 48 or even 72 hours, on a rolling basis. Be mindful of your appointment lead times settings when you are choosing the time frame. For instance, if your minimum appointment lead time is 12 hours, it won’t do much good to choose “Today only” as your Last Minute Bookings time frame, as there will be no available appointments. In that scenario, you can either choose a longer Last Minute Bookings time frame, or lower your minimum appointment lead time, so that same-day appointments can be available for online booking.

Finally, choose a Last Minute Bookings discount, which can be anywhere from 5% to 50%, and will only be offered during the time frame you selected.

Once enabled, Genbook will automatically identify and continually market your expiring last minute availability to new and existing customers on the Web. We also promote your business in the Genbook App, and you can quickly share and promote your Last Minute Booking availability with one-click email and social media sharing tools.

Last Minute Bookings on your Scheduling Page

Customers visiting your Online Scheduling Page will have the option to select either your regular services in the “Book Appointment” tab or in the “Last Minute Bookings” tab for near-term booking of the same services at a discounted rate. Every service you offer for online booking will have a Last Minute Booking equivalent that are bookable only during the time frame you select.

The regular and discounted cost of the service will be displayed alongside its title, description, and regular cost so that customers can see the value of the discount. The rest of the scheduling process works in much the same way as it does with regular bookings.

After customers select a service, they choose a date and time for their appointments, but are limited to just the time frame you selected (Today Only, or the next 24 / 48 / 72 hours).

Customers are required to pay in advance for the service before they confirm the appointment, providing a benefit for you and a better experience for your customer. Due to the short lead times associated with Last Minute Bookings, customers will be notified that changes, cancellations, or refunds will not be available. However, you can use your discretion to override this policy in your calendar, on a case-by-case basis.

Last Minute Bookings will appear in your Calendar like regular appointments, but the “$” icon lets you know that a payment has been collected. We’ll also be adding a lightning bolt icon to Last Minute Bookings in the very near future to make them more easily identifiable.

Because Last Minute Bookings turn open time slots that would’ve otherwise expired (and earned $0) into booked appointments that are paid for in advance, there’s a small success fee of 8% for each booking (applied to the discounted price) that’s purchased and booked via this feature. Regular credit card processing fees for Genbook Payments will also apply.

Offering a last minute discount is a great way to stand out from the local competition, and an amazing opportunity to make a new customer connection. We all appreciate the potential lifetime value of a new customer!

The Optimizer and Last Minute Bookings features will help you get the most out of each day, automatically, every day. They are designed as set-and-forget features so that you can focus on managing your business while Genbook handles the rest.

If you have any questions about Optimizer, Last Minute Bookings or any other features, please contact us at support@genbook.com. Happy Genbooking!

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