Below is an ever-expanding list of terms you may come in contact with as you use of Genbook. These terms may refer to features, settings, or aspects of Internet use. Have questions about a term you don’t see on this list? Let us know.

Appointment lead times: The minimum and maximum amount of time prior to an appointment that a client can schedule it. See more information on Appointment lead times.

Away: A calendar overlay indicating a staff person is out of the office, or otherwise not available to take Online Appointments. Set in the Staff Hours, can be overridden directly in the Calendar. See more information on the Away distinction.

Away date(s): A single date or string of multiple dates on which the staff member is out of the office and unavailable for Online appointments, such as vacations or other paid time off. Can be set from the Staff “Away dates” section or directly on the Calendar. See more information on Away dates.

Block: An empty/placeholder appointment that makes one or more time slots unavailable for booking on a particular day, directly in the business’s Calendar. See more information on Calendar Blocks.

Browser/Web browser: The computer program used to access and navigate the Internet. Genbook Customer Care may ask for the name and version of the browser you are using, when troubleshooting a problem. That information can be found by navigating to

Book Now button: The call-to-action button, or widget, that you post on your website to allow clients to access your Online scheduling page, where they can easily and quickly make appointments with your business. See more information on the Book Now button.

Book Now App (Facebook): An app that can be added to your business’s Facebook Page, to allow clients to easily access your Online scheduling page right from Facebook. See more information on the Book Now app.

Business details: The name, address, contact information and website of your business. Set up and edited on the “Business Details” in Settings. Displayed on your Online Scheduling Page.

Cache/browser cache: A browser component that stores certain website data, so that websites can load faster upon future access. Genbook Customer Care may ask you to clear your browser’s cache when troubleshooting a problem. Instructions for clearing cache can be found here.

Customer reviews: Testimonials that customers are prompted to leave for your business, which can then be published in a secondary tab of your Online scheduling page.  See more information on Customer reviews.

ISP (Internet Service Provider): The company from which you purchase your Internet service/connection. Examples include: Comcast, TimeWarner Cable, Verizon Fios.

Offers: A feature that allows you to create, share and sell specials and deals right from within your Genbook account, and schedule those Offers right in your Calendar. See more information on Offers.

Offline: A calendar overlay indicating a staff person is not available to take online appointments. Set in the Staff hours, can be overridden directly in the Calendar. See more information on the offline distinction

Offline appointment: Appointment created manually in the Genbook calendar, by the business. offline appointments appear blue on the calendar and do not show up in the Inbox. See more information on offline appointments.

Online appointment: Appointment created by a client, via the BookNow button or link to a business’s online scheduling page. Online appointments appear green in the calendar and also appear in the Inbox until the end of the date on which they take place. See more information on online appointments.

Scheduling Webpage: The unique Genbook-powered page where clients make their appointments with your business.

Online start times: The exact times (Manual mode) or increments (Automatic mode) at which online appointments will be offered to your clients. See more information on Online start times.

Operating hours: The daily hours between which your business is open, on a weekly recurring basis. See more information on Operating hours.

Recurring appointments: Appointments that repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or other basis, as set by the business. See more information on Recurring appointments

Service: The detailed function being performed during the appointment (e.g. “Swedish Massage” “Haircut and Color”, “Counseling”).

Service duration: The length of time an appointment for a given service will take up in your Genbook Calendar. Durations are not displayed on the Online scheduling page. See more information Service durations.

Staff: A person or resource who provides a service that’s booked for appointments.

Staff hours: The setting that dictates a staff person’s weekly availability, including lunch/break hours, days off and more. Can be set outside of a business’s Operating hours and still display on the Calendar and Online scheduling page. Can be overridden directly in the Calendar. See more on the Staff hours setting.

URL (Universal Resource Locator): A website or feed address. For websites, it’s found in the address bar of the browser (usually at the top) and generally starts with “www” or “https://”. For your calendar subscription feed, it’s found on the Staff details page.

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