Have you ever been on Facebook or Instagram and seen us post a photo of a great haircut, or a barber in action with a client? And did you think “How do I get to be featured?”

Well, here is our ultimate guide on how to be featured on our social:

Stand out

We love photos that show your quirky side. If you have a point of difference, we’ll definitely be sharing your photo. But what does ‘quirky’ or ‘point of difference’ mean in the world of Genbook social media? Well, to put it simply, it’s when we see something that blows us away. Whether it’s a hairstyle or color we’ve never seen, a massage in a unique location, or a puppy getting its first cut, we want to see it! Oh, and we love seeing images of people using Genbook!

Bright is better

Clean, bright pictures are always best. If the image is out of focus, dark, or simply just too hard to see, we most likely won’t post it. It’s best to make sure you have lots of natural light for the image, and a client who is happy to have their picture taken (always good to ask first!).

Tag us

If you want to get noticed, tag us on Instagram or Facebook! When posting an image on Instagram, tap ‘Tag People’, then tap anywhere on the image, and write ‘Genbook’. Tap our name, and that’s it! If you have already posted an image but want to tag us in it, simply tap the three dots on the right-hand side of the image, tap ‘Edit’, tap ‘Tag People’, and follow the same as above. We will always (at the very least) like your image, and you may get selected for a feature.


We have a handy hashtag for you to use for any image you want featured. We will only ever feature the image if it has the hashtag, as it’s our way of securing your permission before reposting. We may also approach you and ask if we can use the image, and will ask that you add the hashtag to the image. To do this, you can either comment on the image or edit the caption and add it. Remember that it’s #okaygenbook, not #okgenbook.

More is better

Don’t just stop at one image! Feel free to use the hashtag and tagging tips on as many of your images as possible. Chances are, we will choose one of your images to feature. Whilst it may look like we’re mostly posting images of haircuts and hairstyles, it’s only because most of the people tagging us and using the hashtag are hair stylists and barbers! We’re happy to see any type of business using our product, so don’t shy away from tagging us in your photos. After all, we want to support our Genbookers in any way we can!

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