Genbook’s partnership with Constant Contact makes life easier for small businesses who want to reach their clients using email marketing. Sign up for a free trial of Constant Contact to get started.

Your business can easily export your list of contacts from your Genbook Customers tab, right into your Constant Contact account. Here are the steps you’ll need to take:

1. In your Customers tab, click the “Export to Constant Contact” link at the top right of the screen.

constant contact

2. You will be asked to authorize the export and log into your Constant Contact account.

constant contact

3. Once you have logged into Constant Contact, you’ll be asked to grant Genbook access to update your Constant Contact account (by adding contacts). Click “Allow”.

constant contact

4. If you’d like to create a new list for your Genbook Customers, click the “Create a new list” button on the following page, then give your list a name (e.g. “Genbook Customers”).

Otherwise, select the existing Constant Contact email list to which you’d like to add your Genbook contacts, click “Continue”, then move on to Step 5.

5. Select the Constant Contact list to which you’d like to add the exported customers, and click “Continue”.

constant contact

6. Next, select which of the customers on your list you’d like to export, and click “Add selected customers”.

constant contact

7. Finally, log into Constant Contact to see and manage your newly exported Genbook customers.

You’ll see your new list (if you created one) under the “Contact Management” section of your Constant Contact account. Go to the Email List to which you just exported your contacts to in order to view, edit and manage their email marketing settings.

constant contact

And be sure to read our quick guide on how to add a booking button to your Constant Contact emails.

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