Making your Scheduling Webpage shine is easier than you think. Though every business is different, the components of a professional, successful Scheduling Webpage are usually the same. Here are five things your page should include:

1. Business logo

Your logo is the unique graphic representation of your business, and a vital part of your business’s brand. It’s the image or icon that your customers associate with your business. To make your Scheduling Webpage instantly recognizable to your customers, be sure to include your logo at the top left, beside your business’s name. Learn how to add your logo.

2. Verified customer reviews

Your customer reviews are excellent testaments to how much your clients love your business. They can help build confidence among new and potential clients, and increase the number of bookings your business receives. The most recent reviews are published along the right side of the screen, right under your business’s hours and other information, while the full list gets its own tab. Read more about how to publish Verified Customer Reviews.

3. Business Service Categories

If you offer a variety of service types OR more than five or six services, Business Service Categories can give your customers an easier-to-navigate, quicker scheduling experience. For instance, if your salon offers hair, nail and waxing services, you might break your services up into the following categories: Hair, Nails, Waxing. This would allow customers to easily choose the type of service they want, before selecting the specific service (and without having to scroll through a long list of services they don’t want). Business Service Categories are created in your Settings tab, under Services.

4. Descriptive, specific service titles

Your service titles should give customers a way to distinguish between your services, in order to choose the appointment type that’s right for them, at a glance. For instance, if you offer different types of massage, it’s best to list the various massage services separately (Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, etc.) instead of listing something very general, like simply “Massage”. Remember also that service durations are not published on your Scheduling Webpage, so you may wish to include the length of the service within the title or description.

5. Brief, informative service descriptions

You should definitely include descriptions of the services you list on your Scheduling Webpage. It makes the page look and sound more professional and serves as a quick reminder of the differences between your services. Aim to give clients a brief understanding of what to expect when choosing a specific service, in as few words as possible. Customers should be able to complete the scheduling process within a few minutes, so you don’t want them getting hung up reading complex service descriptions and never getting to the next page of the process. Your business website is a great place for lengthy, detailed service descriptions; your Scheduling Webpage should give just a quick glimpse and the most important details.

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