Sometimes you’ll need to delete a staff member from your online appointment scheduling account. Deleting staff members is not difficult and can usually be accomplished in just a few easy steps.

Locate the option to delete the staff member on his/her details page, under Settings, Staff and the staff member’s name. At the bottom of this page, right under the Save Changes button, you’ll see a link saying “Delete this staff member“. You’ll want to click this link.

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Please remember that your staff member must not have any future appointments OR blocked times in the calendar, in order to make it possible for you to delete him/her. If there is a future appointment or block, you will see the following error message:


You’ll need to go through the calendar, week by week, to see whether there are appointments, blocks, or both still set up for that staff member. You may wish to move appointments to another staff member. However, in the case of blocks, you should simply delete them.


In the example above, you’ll see that Keri has two future blocks in her calendar. These need to be removed before the system will let us delete Keri from our staff list. Deleting a block is just like deleting an appointment. First, click on it once.


You’ll see an appointment details box pop out, where all the fields are empty because it’s not really an appointment. Click the “Cancel this appointment” link at the bottom of the box. Once you confirm that you wish to delete the block, it will be removed from the calendar.

When you’re sure there are no future appointments or blocked times in the calendar for the staff member you wish to delete, go back to his/her details page and try again.

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