We know that sometimes Genbookers need to close their accounts, deactivating them, for one reason or another. This can be done by first clicking “Your Account” from the menu under your name, at the top right of the application screen.


Then, select “Account Status”.


On the next screen, click the “Deactivate” button.


You’ll then be taken to a brief survey on your reason for deactivating.


Choose the reason that best describes your reason for deactivating your Genbook account, then click the red “Deactivate my account” button.

Once you’ve deactivated your Genbook account, you’ll still be able to log into it, but won’t be able to access any of the information (appointment history, calendar, customers, settings, etc.).

If you wish to start using Genbook again, you can just go to Your Account, Account Status and click “Activate” in order to reactivate the account.

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