Genbook automatically sends and allows you to manually prompt several types of emails to your clients, regarding their upcoming appointments. These include: Confirmations of new appointments, Reminders of previously booked appointments and Cancellation notifications.

Confirmation emails: A confirmation email is automatically sent as soon as a client has finished booking an appointment on your Online Scheduling Page, or you have saved a new Offline appointment in your Calendar. It contains all relevant appointment details — service, staff, date/time of the appointment — as well as any confirmation messages you’ve added. It also includes a “Manage your Appointment” link or button, which allows clients to view their appointments in our Customer Center and make cancellations (if you have Online Cancellations enabled). Here’s what a Confirmation email looks like:


Resending Confirmation emails: It’s possible to resend a Confirmation email, right from the appointment, in your Calendar. This comes in handy if you need to make changes to the appointment, or if the email address originally on the appointment was incorrect and must be updated. To resend a Confirmation email, click on the appointment in your Calendar, then check the box beside “Resend Confirmation” and “Save”.


Reminder emails: Reminder emails are sent 24, 48 or 72 hours in advance of the appointment (the choice is yours). These emails contain the same information as the Confirmation emails, but are sent closer to the time of the appointment, and beneficial when appointments are scheduled months in advance. Reminder emails can be enabled/disabled, and their timing can be set up, under Settings > Appointment Reminders.

NEWApptRemindersPageSettings Reminder emails are automatically resent if changes are made to appointments after the initial Reminder was sent. For instance, if the client received a Reminder 48 hours in advance of his appointment, but you make a change to the appointment 36 hours before the appointment time, a new (updated) Reminder email is sent to the client.

In addition the Email Reminders, we also offer Text Message Reminders.

Cancellation emails: A Cancellation email is automatically sent to clients who cancel their own appointments online. You and your staff also have the option to send clients Cancellation emails when you manually cancel appointments in your Calendar. When you’re asked to confim the cancellation, check the box beside “Notify customer by email”, then click the “Yes” button, to have us send your client an email alerting him that his appointment’s been cancelled.


Here’s a look at the Cancellation email:


Genbook also sends your clients Review Request emails, after their appointments, asking them to leave a review of their experience. Details on these emails can be found in our post titled “Collect and Publish Customer Reviews“.

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