Genbook Offers is an easy and powerful way to run specials, deals and promotions right from your Genbook application. We’ll walk you through the easy, 3-step offer creation process below.


STEP 1: Create a Offer Service

There are two ways to create a service for your offer: 1. Copy an existing service, or 2. Create a brand new service. Therefore, your first decision is whether you want to offer an existing service at a discounted rate, or have the discounted offer be for a service that’s separate from your usual options.


Both options begin with clicking on the Offers tab (pictured above), found between your Reviews and Analytics tabs in the Genbook menu. Next, click the “Create an Offer” button at the top left.


Note: Genbook Payments must be enabled in order to create an offer.


You’ll then see a “New Offer” page that allows you fill in all the details of your offer.


Option 1: Copy an Existing Service

Choose this option to create a promotional or limited time offer for a service you currently provide. All you need to do is select the existing service from the drop-down menu. All of the details of the service (title, description and duration) will populate in the appropriate fields.


Tip: You can always edit any of the fields even if you’re copying an existing service.

Option 2: Create a New Service

Choose this option if you wish to create an offer for a service that you do not normally provide (i.e., a combination of 2 services you generally perform separately, or a service you’re trying out to attract new clientele). You’ll need to create the service’s title, description and select a duration, just as you would when normally creating a new service in Genbook.

Tip: If you’re providing the offer service at clients’ homes, check the box found below the staff listing to capture their addresses.

Once you’re satisfied with the service you’ve created for your new offer, click “Next” at the bottom right of the screen to move to the second step of the offer-creation process.  You can always come back to this page if you need to edit something.

STEP 2: Create the Offer

In this step, you’ll set the details of your new offer. The left side of the screen is where you’ll determine and enter the offer details: pricing, availability, expiration date and more. On the right, you’ll see a preview of the offer you’re creating and be able to customize the text and images clients see.


Offer Details

Pricing: The first thing you’ll do on this page is enter both a Normal price and an Offer price for the service. If your offer is based on an existing service, the Normal price will already be in place. This price represents the full price you’d normally charge for this service.  The Offer price is the discounted price at which you’re selling the service in this offer. Once you’ve entered both of these, the preview on the right will show the calculated savings between the Normal and the Offer price.


Purchase Limit and Purchase Deadline (optional): The Purchase Limit is the maximum number of offers you will allow to be purchased. Once you enter this number, it is also used to calculate your potential revenue from this offer. The “Available to purchase until” determines the deadline by which your clients will need to purchase the offer. Once either the purchase limit or the purchase deadline is reached, the offer can no longer be purchased.


Tip: If you do not wish to limit the number that can be purchased, or you do not want to have an end date to when the offer can be purchased, you may leave one or both of these fields blank.

Appointment Availability – Booking Window (optional): You determine the period of time during which an appointment for the redeemed offer can be scheduled in the “Booking window” fields. Simply select a start date and an end date for the span of time during which appointments for this offer will be available.

 Tip: You can also select only a start date, only an end date, or leave both fields blank. This setting isn’t required.

Appointment Availability – Daily Availability (optional): You have the option of making your offer service available for online booking at only certain times each day or week, just as you can do with regular services. Click “Manage daily availability for this offer” to set the times of day and days of the week when this offer can be scheduled by your clients. For example, you may want to allow appointments for this offer at especially slow times, or on certain days of the week. Availability is weekly recurring, just as it is with Staff Hours and online availability for services.  Click on a time slot to make the offer service Offline (ie: unavailable for booking) at that time.

Tip: Make sure you always leave enough consecutive open (white) spaces to fit the length of the offer service.

Customize the Offer Webpage

You can customize the client-facing offer webpage in several key ways.

Color scheme: You can change the color scheme of the offer page clients see by selecting a different color from the top right drop-down menu


Logo: If you’ve already uploaded a business logo into Genbook, it will be your default logo for the offer as well. To change or confirm it, click on “Add a logo”. Then select from the options on the next screen, or upload a new one. When you select a logo, you’ll see a checkmark on the upper right corner of the selected image. You can then click “Save & Close” to set that as your offers logo.


Image: Set a central image for your offer to make it more visually appealing to clients. Click “Add an Image” and select from either our preloaded images, or upload an image that you’ve stored on your computer.

Note: If you’re uploading an image, it won’t appear until after you’ve hit “Save & Close”. It will automatically appear in the preview.

Offer highlights and Fine Print: The Offer Highlights and Fine Print sections are where you can create/edit copy about your offer. The highlights section will be preloaded with your offer service’s description. However, you can edit this if you wish to. The Fine Print is where you should give clients any important terms and conditions of the offer. For instance, you can mention the deadline for purchasing the offer. You should also mention any limitations on the number of offers each client may purchase or use, and any appointment scheduling restrictions or requirements. More details on the Fine Print and suggestions on what it should contain can be found here.


Once you’re satisfied with your offer’s settings and look, click the Next button at the bottom right. To save existing changes and finish editing later, click “Save and Exit”.


STEP 3: Review your Offer

Review the Offer: On the following page, you can review the details of your offer, make any edits you need to, as well see previews of your Offer Page and the Scheduling Page for your offer.
 Click the “Offer Page” link at the top right to see what clients will see when they click on your offer’s link. Click the “Scheduling Page” link to see a preview of what clients see when they go to the booking page for the offer. The scheduling page will be in “preview mode”, and an appointment for the offer cannot be booked via this preview (you’ll notice the times/dates aren’t clickable).

Finish: Once you have looked over your offer and made any needed edits, click “Finish” to make your offer active.

You’ll be taken to the Dashboard page for this offer, where your offer can be managed. For more information, read our article on managing and sharing your new offer.

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