Take care of your time

Time is precious, so don’t waste it!
Things like double booking, running late, or forgetting about an appointment can make your solo business seem sloppy and unorganized, which could lead to you losing customers. Set up your schedule properly, give your customers different choices for the length of their appointment, and ensure you have enough time between appointments (especially if your appointments are prone to running overtime).
Tip: Use Genbook’s Calendar to manage your time properly.

‘Owner’ doesn’t have to be a 24/7 job

Being a solo business owner doesn’t mean you have to be awake 24/7, but your business needs to be accessible in some way to customers at any hour. No, don’t open up your business at 4am on a Saturday, but give your customers the option to book an appointment with you whenever they want. Some people wake up in the middle of the night and think “I need to organize x, so I’d better do it now in case I forget”. By having the option to book online, you’re able to get more appointments without even doing anything.
Tip: Use Genbook’s BookNow button on your website and Facebook, and link to it in your emails and other social media to activate online scheduling.

Understand your finances

Own a business but know nothing about how much money is going out or coming in? You need to keep an eye on these things. Make sure you’ve set up analytics so you can see how much money you’ve made each day, week, month, or year. That way, when you decide to spend a bit of money on some new equipment, tools, or a new look for your business, you can look at your accomplishments in one place and feel as though you can afford it.
Tip: Genbook has a powerful Analytics tool to keep you updated with your business’s progress!

You can’t do everything by yourself

We know it sounds like a negative, but you’ll burn out if you’re overdoing things all by yourself. If your title is Owner, but you feel more like the Receptionist, Marketing Manager, IT Coordinator, Web Developer, Social Media Strategist, and a few other positions rolled into one, you need to stop. Take a deep breath, and outsource some tasks to other people. You can even use our online scheduling tool to give you more time to do other things.
Tip: Genbook can act as a receptionist for you by scheduling all of your appointments 24/7.

Give yourself a break

In both senses of the phrase, give yourself a break. Take regular breaks during the day, and stop beating yourself up. You’ve taken the risk and started your own business, and that’s something that a lot of people would be too terrified to do. Give yourself a break, pat yourself on the back, and focus on how you can get your business to where you want it to be. Don’t compare your business to others who have been around for decades, because at some stage they were where you are now.
Tip: Block off time in your Genbook Calendar to allow regular breaks throughout the day.

Need some help with your solo business? Try our 30-day free trial to make sure your small business thrives!

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