There are plenty of reasons why people use Genbook’s online scheduling software. For some, it’s an add-on to their website. For others, it’s instead of a website.

Regardless of how you choose to use Genbook, there are some key things you need to do before your customer can schedule their appointment with you.

Add staff members

staff members genbook

If you have staff members, add them! Each staff member can have a unique login, and can be chosen by your customer if they have a preference. That way, if your customers have a staff member they always use for a particular service, they can request that person when they schedule. It also means you can check to see how many appointments each staff member had, how much money they brought in, and when they blocked off time for a lunch break.

Add a service or two (or ten!)

categories services genbook

There’s really not much point in having a scheduling page without any services available. Add your services, along with the prices. Add a category. Categories can include something like ‘Hair’ if you’re a hairdresser, with the services being ‘cut’, ‘color’, or ‘half-head foil’. It could include ‘Tax Services’ if you’re an accountant, with the services being ‘consultation’, ‘annual review’, or ‘audit assistance’. Whatever you do, ensure you put as much information as possible in the service description. That way, your customers will understand what they’re scheduling.

Add a logo

genbook business

The great thing about Genbook is that you can brand your scheduling page with your own flair. Adding a logo makes the scheduling page more trustworthy, as your customers will be able to easily identify that it is, in fact, your business (instead of some bogus business). If you already have a logo, make sure you use the same one. Consistency is key here, and you don’t want to lose customers simply because they don’t trust that it’s actually your business.

Choose a business category

genbook business

By choosing a business category, you are making sure that your potential customers know exactly what sort of business you are. Yes, your business name might say ‘salon’ in it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a hair salon. It could be a nail salon, for all your customers know. Choose a business category that best describes what your business does.

 Add your business hours

genbook business

You don’t want your customers to guess when your business is open. Make things easier for them by adding when your business is open, as well as when it’s closed. Some of our Genbookers add in their children’s birthdays or family events to their business hours to show when they’ll be off for the day. Being honest and transparent is wonderful, as your customers can’t really complain if you’re spending the day with your family or if you’ve told them in advance that you’ll be on vacation.

Download the app

genbook business

Yes, we have an app! In fact, we have two apps! One for you, and one for your customers. The Genbook Manager app (available on iPhone and Android) allows you to manage your business on the go, with the ability to accept payments, check your schedule, add an appointment, read through your reviews, and more. The Genbook app for customers (also available on iPhone and Android) allows your customers to schedule their appointments, read your reviews, rebook or reschedule with your business, and more.

Haven’t set up your business on Genbook? Try our 30-day free trial, and get started today!

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