We chatted with a few barbers who have each been using Genbook for a number of years. When we talked, we asked them for their top piece of advice for other barbers, whether they’re just starting out or have been in the industry for a while.

Chris, Peace Valley Dry Goods & Barbershop

“Nobody is going to have your business’s best interest more than you. Make sure you’re ready to run a business and you’re ready to put in the time and sweat. You need to be at work all the time, accommodate all walk-ins and all clients. Take ownership of your business. For those starting out, be open to continue learning. You get out of school, and you haven’t cut yet. You’ll learn so much more when you’re in the shop. Take constructive criticism, and keep learning.”

Derick, Empire Barbershop

“Consistency is key. You must be consistent in all areas. Customers want to know they’ll get the same results every time. For those just starting out, find a mentor, learn the business, and if you want to be busy, you need to be in the shop. You have to be there from the time the doors open until they close.”

Dice, Dice The Barber

“Running my own business motivates me, but having kids keeps me even more motivated. I love doing what I do. Being able to change someone’s whole image with one haircut and give them a smile on their face makes my day. Someone might be coming to get a haircut before going to get a job, and they come back to let us know. You know what you’re doing is going to potentially change someone’s life. Stay consistent. You have to put yourself out there, so give your business cards out whenever you can. Approach people, ask if they know someone who needs a haircut. Make sure your work is consistent, leave room for improvement, because you can always improve.”

Demesio, Darker Shades of Fades

“It’s all about your frame of mind, you have to be confident. You have to incorporate your personality into it, and make people feel comfortable. Be consistent, because hair grows back, and when it does, people come back for the same service every time. You have to know that it’s what you want to do for the rest of your life. It’s not a hobby. We provide more than a haircut. And if you want your clients to be just a click away from booking an appointment, start using Genbook. Genbook has been the world for me, it’s helped my career. I wouldn’t trade Genbook for anything.”

Sway, Bellwether

“Being a good person in general is also important, because people are attracted to good people. Being welcoming, being able to hold a conversation (an interesting one!) are important to the trade. Consistency is such a big one, and being available and responsive to your clients. For those starting out, don’t be afraid, dive in, get your feet wet in all aspects – whether it’s in terms of skills, new haircuts, speaking to barbers who have been doing it for a long time. Ask for help, ask questions, reach out to those you look up to.”

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