Athena Hewett struggled with acne during her teenage years, so she would frequently see an esthetician to calm down the angry red spots on her face. While most people her age wouldn’t have known what an esthetician was, Athena was already finding ways to keep her face clear.

After high school, she continued on to Art school, but found herself wanting to do something different. So, she transferred to Beauty School, and looked for work in the beauty industry. First up was a 10-year stint at a medical spa, where she became the managing esthetician for seven years. Next, she took time off to travel before settling down at a spa with an earthy vibe. Then, she worked for a few years at a spa with its own product line. But she knew she wanted something more. She wanted something that was her own.

“I’d always known I wanted to open my own business”

For most, opening a business is quite scary. For Athena, fortunately, opening Athena Ellen Esthetics was a little less scary. “I had a large clientele going into it, so I knew I would have a certain amount of business”. But that didn’t stop Athena for feeling a bit scared. “It was still scary, though. I didn’t know if I’d be able to pay my rent, but it’s not the case now. I’m booked out for two or three months sometimes”. The scariest thing for Athena, however, was starting her own product line (Monastery), but she got through it and uses it on all her clients. And now, with a baby, Athena hopes to never work for another person again.

“My business probably doubled within the first year of using Genbook”

For the first year of starting her own business, Athena would write appointments in her notebook, and found she wasn’t able to maximize her schedule. “It was totally chaotic before Genbook,” said Athena, “but once I started using it, everything was much easier. Business ramped up because people like booking online”.

“I think the reviews are priceless”

Like many Genbookers, Athena relies on the Reviews feature for feedback and marketing for her business. “I used to spend a lot of time calling people to follow up for reviews. It’s saved a lot of time,” explains Athena. With Genbook’s Reviews feature, clients are prompted to leave a review after their appointment. Genbook sends an email on behalf of the business owner, giving business owners more time to spend on more important things. “I’m not the type of person who ever asks for a review, it’s not really me,” says Athena, “but I have over 100 5-star reviews, which is pretty cool. I would not have those reviews if Genbook wasn’t out asking for them.”

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