Appointment Lead Times dictate how far in advance a customer can book an appointment. The default minimum lead time is 8 hours and the default maximum is 365 days, but you can easily change these.

In the Settings section (gear icon at the top right), click on Appointment Lead Times.

Appointment Lead Times link on Settings page

You’ll see the option of making the minimum lead time anywhere from zero minutes to five days.

Minimum Appointment Lead Times drop down selector.

The maximum can be anywhere from one day to one year.

Maximum Appointment Lead Time dropdown menu

Be sure to save your changes when you’re done!

Tip: Avoid making your Appointment Lead Times too restrictive, as that can cause major online availability problems. Be sure that you set them in such a way that your clients can always find future availability. For example, it’s NOT a good idea to have a minimum lead time of 1 day and a maximum lead time of 2 days, as it’s far too limiting.

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