You may have noticed that Genbook looks a bit different than it used to. Our wonderful Design and Product teams have built a brand new look around some awesome new features and functionality.

Here are five great features of the new Genbook:

1. Color Appointments


You can now color code your appointments by service, making it easier to know your schedule at a glance. Assign one of twelve vibrant colors to each of your services, and check out the beautiful results.


Go to Settings (gear icon at the top right) > Services > Details to get started.

2. Customer History on appointments


Your customers’ appointment history, contact information and any recent notes you’ve written about them, now appear on all appointments.  Click the “Customer” tab on any appointment to quickly see what services your customer has booked in the past, edit their contact information and brush up on any important information you’ve logged about their preferences or needs.

3. Appointment Editing in your Inbox and Appointment Searches


You no longer need to be in your Genbook calendar to edit an appointment. Save time by editing appointments right from the Inbox, or search results.

Just click on the appointment to view its full details, then click the “Edit appointment” button at the bottom, to make changes to the date, time or customer contact info.


You can even mark appointments as “Complete”, add memos and resend confirmation emails, just as you would from within the calendar.


4. Appointment Editing in your Customers Tab

For added convenience, appointments can also be edited from your customer files in the Customers Tab.


5. A cleaner, simpler design

We’ve redesigned your Genbook pages to make them easier to read and navigate. Take the Settings page, for instance (now accessed through the gear icon at the top right corner).


Your Scheduling Webpagepage URL is always easily found at the top, and your most frequently used settings are grouped just below it. Then, you’ll see a myriad of features to help you further customize your account and customer scheduling experience, with brief descriptions beside each one.


We’ve also cleaned up the menu bar at the top of the screen, so you can more easily access the aspects of your account you need every day.


Support is now found in the upper right corner, in a menu that pulls down from your name. You’ll also be able to see and access your account and billing information there, as well as any important, system-related messages that Genbook sends.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about these updates (or anything else).

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