Want to give yourself breaks between appointments? Say, for example, 15 minutes to rest, recharge and prepare for your next appointment? All you have to do is add that time right into your Durations (on each of your Service Details pages).

A service’s Duration dictates how long an appointment for that service takes up in your Calendar.


Customers won’t see what you write in the Duration field when they’re making appointments. They just see the description, title and cost of the service.


The Duration is not listed anywhere in the scheduling process, not even on the Confirmation screen.

 So, if you make the Duration of a 1-hour appointment 75 minutes, you’ll have an extra 15 minutes blocked off in your Genbook Calendar whenever an appointment for that service is scheduled.

Including a time buffer within service Durations is a great way to give yourself the time you need to clean up, rest and regroup, so that you can be fully prepared to give your next customer your very best.

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