If your business needs short appointments — we’re talking 5 or 10 minutes long — then you’re in luck! Genbook gives you the option to pack as many appointments as you can take into your Calendar, with the ability to have service durations and online start time intervals as low as 5 minutes. Here’s a quick look at how this works:

In your service settings

The first step to taking 5- or 10-minute bookings is creating services with those durations, under the Settings (gear icon at the top right) > Services section.

10 minute service duration

In your Online Start Times

If your business ONLY takes short appointments, or if you simply want to offer the highest number of options for when customers can book, you may also want to make your Online Start Times or start time intervals shorter (Settings gear > Online Start Times).

Online Start Times intervals of 5 minutes

For even more control, you can use the manual mode and enter the exact start times you wish to offer (also available in increments of 5 minutes).

Manual Online Start Times give you more control

The start times or start time intervals you set are reflected on the online scheduling page and in the Genbook app to your customers. So, if you set your start time increments to “every 5 minutes”, customers will see something like this:

Online start times in 5 minute increments on the scheduling page

In your calendar

The best way to view 5- and 10-minute appointments in your Calendar is by using the large zoom option, found under the magnifying glass at the top left. We recommend this view if your business works with 5- and/or 10-minute appointments.

Calendar zoom large view

In the large view, you’ll be able to see the name of the customer, along with the identifying icons. You’ll see the circle icon beside appointments booked online (via the booking form), along with the icons that denote a memo or a customer request, and if the appointment is “new”.

Large Calendar view with 5 and 10 minute appointments

You’ll also be able to move appointments by dragging and dropping them to a different time slot or staff member.

And of course, you can manually add 5- and 10-minute appointments by selecting a service with one of those durations.

Add a short appointment by selecting a service with a short duration

If you use the medium zoom option, you’ll need to hover or mouse over a short appointment in order to see the customer details.

Hover over 5 and 10 minute appointments to see their details in the Medium view.

To edit appointments in this view, click on them to reveal the “Edit Appointment” window and make your changes using the drop-down menus on that form. Remember, if the time you wish to choose isn’t listed in the drop-down, you can always type it in manually.

Click to edit 5 and 10 minute appointments in the Medium zoom view

It’s also possible to create 5- or 10-minute blocks anywhere in your Calendar, with or without clicking a “block” option button.

Calendar Blocks in 5 and 10 minute lengths

Since a block is just an empty or placeholder appointment, you can create one by pretending to add an appointment, then editing only the length and date/time, leaving the service and customer details blank.

So, to place a block somewhere other than the hour or half-hour mark, just click within the open time (white space) around where the block will go. Next, select or enter the time and date at which you want the block, and the length from the drop-down and Save.

Add a Block by adding an appointment without a service or customer details

You can also click the “block” button elsewhere in your Calendar, shrink that block, then drag and drop it wherever you’d like.

Short appointments (and blocks) let you get more appointments and better use out of your time.

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