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  • Acupuncture current patient
    For patients who have seen David Ito previously.
  • Acupuncture new patient
    For patients who have not been seen by David Ito previously.
  • Cupping ($40.00)
    Applying a cup with suction pressure helps to restore the body's natural energy flow by loosening knots in the muscles and tissues which increases blood circulation and frees up the tissue to move freely and thus reduces or alleviates pain.
  • Shakuju Therapy ($75.00)
    Shakuju therapy is a Japanese form of acupuncture that is done with a blunt acupuncture needle which is gently tapped, but not inserted, on different parts of the abdomen and back to stimulate one’s internal energy and thus promote healing.
  • RockTape ($20.00)
    RockTape is therapeutic tape that can activate/deactivate muscles or lengthen or shorten tendons or ligaments in order to re-align the body and thus treat pain or improve movement.
  • RockBlade ($40.00)
    A RockBlade is a soft tissue tool that is used to release tight knots in the muscles which can restore proper movement and blood flow to the soft tissues which in turn alleviates pain or improves movement.
  • RockBlade + RockTape ($60.00)
    The RockBlade is a tool that releases tight knots in your muscles and the RockTape keeps those knots from coming back. The two together help to alleviate pain and improve movement.

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